Water-based acrylic microcement resins - Acricem

Acricem is the B component of our two-component microcement systems. Excellent performance water-based acrylic resins that provide adhesion, hardness and flexibility to the treated coatings.

Our microcement resins stand out for their easy application and their notable mechanical resistances. Completely free of solvents, these acrylic and water-based resins are used to consolidate cementitious surfaces.

Depending on the field of application and use, we find within the Acricem family two types of resins. On one hand, Acricem, which shares its name with the range, and is intended as component B of the Sttandard, Natture systems. And, on the other hand, Acricem Pool, specific for the Atlanttic swimming pool microcement.



Two-component microcement resin

Acricem is the resin for two-component microcements. Specifically, it forms component B of our Sttandard, Natture microcement systems. This water-based acrylic resin significantly increases the mechanical performance of the coating as well as the waterproofing of the mortar.

Product supplied ready to use and that can also be applied as a primer in a single coat using a roller or brush. In this case, you will have to wait a minimum of 30 minutes and never more than 24 hours to apply the first coat of microcement on the support.

Among the multiple qualities of this resin for microcement, it is worth highlighting the reduction of shrinkage cracks. It also provides greater cohesion and plasticity of the mortar or concrete when they are fresh.

Download the Acricem technical sheet here

Types of acrylic and water-based resin for two-component microcement Acricem

Acricem 5 L
Acricem 25 L

Technical features of Acricem two-component microcement resin

Provides greater impermeability to the mortar
Reduces the appearance of shrinkage cracks
Excellent penetration and stabilisation of the substrate
Greater adherence on mortars and concretes already hardened


The performance of the Acricem microcement resin is 0.10L/m2, although it may vary depending on the porosity of the treated support.


The water-based acrylic resin Acricem is available in 5 and 25 litre containers.

Logo Acricem Pool
Acricem Pool

Resin for microcement of swimming pools

Acricem Pool is an exclusive resin for microcement of swimming pools. Specifically developed for the Atlanttic Aquaciment system, this water-based acrylic resin exponentially multiplies the water impermeability as well as the permeability to water vapour.

A microcement resin that includes water repellents in its formula, repelling water and therefore being the perfect complement for swimming pool vessels. With low water absorption, it creates safe spaces from cracks thanks to its superior mechanical resistances.

Download the technical sheet of Acricem Pool here

Technical features of Acricem Pool microcement resin for swimming pools

Primer and component B of the Atlanttic microcement system for swimming pools
Of waterproof nature, it waterproofs the support
Permeable to water vapour
Mitigates the appearance of shrinkage cracks


The performance of the Acricem Pool microcement resin for swimming pools is 0.10L/m2, but it can change depending on the porosity.


The water-based acrylic resin Acricem Pool is available in 25 litre containers.