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Theimprinted concretees un sistema decorativo, de amplias posibilidades decorativas, duradero y resistente. Es una opción interesante para reemplazar el hormigón convencional y también los paramentos verticales . El hormigón estampado es una solución decorativa que sigue siendo muy popular . Se introdujo en Europa hace más de 30 años y se utiliza en interiores y exteriores. En Topciment somos expertos en revestimientos decorativos y creamos todo tipo de soluciones constructivas capaces de adaptarse a las necesidades de los grandes profesiones. De esta manera, fabricamos todo el material en nuestras instalaciones, incluido el hormigón estampado. Como fabricantes de hormigón impreso, contamos con un catálogo de productos especializados para que cada proyecto en el que se emplee este material, sea todo un éxito y cada proyecto se finalice con las mayores garantías. De hecho, tenemos todos los elementos incluso para realizar reparaciones superficiales y eliminar restos de ácido, cal y eflorescencias.

But, who are we as an imprinted concrete company?

At Topciment we are experts in the production of all types of decorative coatings. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we have established a wide network of distributors who sell our products worldwide.

We are internationally recognised experts, especially in the field of construction materials. The quality of our coatings has made us a benchmark in the European and global market for continuous coatings and increasingly noticeable on other continents.

In fact, Topciment® is a registered trademark in Europe, Russia, China and the U.S. Our experience, human capital and infrastructure allow us to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

The quality of our coatings, the continuous training and the experience of our sales team have earned your trust. Our desire for improvement and our policy of continuous improvement in all our processes has allowed us to expand our range of products.

We are authentic benchmarks in an industry full of tradition that has experienced notable growth in recent years.

Exterior imprinted concrete companies: Topciment

We are a reference imprinted concrete company

Stamped concrete is a decoration technique based on stamping a shape onto a surface, whether it's a pavement or a wall, giving it not only colour but also texture, relief and concrete patterns .

We manufacture a range of products for the correct execution and application of precast concrete, as well as the appropriate repair, cleaning and maintenance tasks. Topciment products meet the highest quality standards to ensure that surfaces coated with our products are durable and highly decorative, resisting any type of threat.

One of the few imprinted concrete companies that are manufacturers

At Topciment we have two factories, Manises and Pobla de Vallbona, which are located just a few kilometres from Valencia, Spain. In these we manufacture a wide range of products among which we highlight imprinted concrete moulds, protective varnishes that act as high quality sealers, imprinted concrete repair mortars, cleaners and strippers, colourants to achieve oxide finishes, positive deactivators, release agents, all kinds of colours, as well as we also have all the tools and all the accessories to carry out any project.

We have the best facilities

To make the best products, you have to have the best facilities. Thus, in this way, our facilities have more than 4,000 square meters, equipped with the most advanced technology on the market, which makes us one of the companies that gives the most innovation to its products.

We also have a large laboratory, where our team of chemists works to systematically improve the performance of our imprinted concrete products. In addition, we have classrooms for the training of specific courses on our products.

As one of the specialist imprinted concrete companies, we offer

Professional technical services

Listening to the needs of our customers and solving their problems is the most important thing for us, as it allows us to improve each and every one of our products to adapt to the needs of professionals. Thus, we have a professional technical service to resolve all doubts about the products of imprinted concrete that we manufacture. Our level of professionalism and customer service is such that we have professionals capable of assisting you in different languages.

Constant training

We continuously train professionals in the field to use our imprinted concrete products. Our courses are accredited and taught by professionals with experience and knowledge. We offer face-to-face and online courses in multiple languages.

Support for distributors

Topciment only makes sense thanks to our distributors. They allow us to sell everything we produce internationally. A large fully integrated network is growing rapidly and you can also join it.

imprinted concrete companies for terraces: Topciment

One of the imprinted concrete companies certified with ISO 9001:2015

In 2021, as a result of tireless work to create products with a maximum quality standard, we have received the ISO 9001:2015 quality certification. This distinction is the result of a trajectory based on innovation.

The ISO standards are the reward for our hard work in the production, design, development and marketing of imprinted concrete and other types of decorative solutions such as microcement or metallic glazes, among others. This recognition encourages us to continue improving, to continue creating the best building materials.

Our goal, naturally, in a company of the nature of Topciment, is to renew this certification year after year through the introduction of new products, each time closer to excellence and high performance while we improve existing products with increasingly innovative formulas that are set to revolutionise the construction-decorative world.

The Innovative SME seal, another of our achievements

In addition to the ISO 9001:2015 certificate, we are proud to say that we also have the Innovative SME seal. Among other things, we are recognised for our work as a manufacturer of decorative coatings in the areas of innovation, development and research. Our goal is always to provide our customers with decorative solutions that meet current and future needs. An ambitious goal that can only be achieved with investment and work.

Our principles, the foundation of our success

Reaching the heights of excellence in all processes related to imprinted concrete, is only possible by having values like those that Topciment has and which we detail below.


The constant investments in research, development and innovation that we make are the main driving force of Topciment. This has allowed us to establish ourselves as a benchmark in the market for decorative coatings by achieving the innovative SME seal and the ISO 9001:2015 certificate. Without our passion for improving and wanting to do things better every day, this would not have been possible.

imprinted concrete companies for swimming pools: Topciment


Reducing the ecological footprint is one of the priorities of our company in the short, medium and long term. That's why, all our precast concrete products are as sustainable as possible and are made with the most eco-friendly materials possible. We have also managed to improve all our processes so that the production of our products is sustainable and that the creation of our coatings does not harm the environment.

International vision

Not everyone can be proud of having worked with decorative coatings for almost 20 years. A successful career based on experience and knowledge in this industry has led us to register Topciment in the USA, China, Russia and Europe.

Total guarantee

All our imprinted concrete products carry the CE mark, a European certification that confirms that our products work perfectly on any surface, indoor or outdoor, and in any situation.

An imprinted concrete company that only seeks to improve

Every day we strive to be the best version of ourselves. This can only be achieved if each department has the best specialists: laboratory, logistics, design, etc. We are very proud of the professionals at Topciment and we are sure that thanks to them we will continue to achieve new goals. In fact, more and more new improvements are being implemented in each and every one of our products to maximise all processes. In fact, we always aim to have a number of professionals from different disciplines so that, from marketing to the commercial department, our professionals contribute their know-how and their knowledge in each field, creating a group of specific specialists thanks to whom we improve day by day in general.

Our greatest desire is to become the imprinted concrete manufacturer that has the best products and whose way of doing it is totally innovative, which we have achieved over the years in the field of microcement. Research is not only constant, but also exhaustive. Only in this way can the successful results be achieved that have led us to win awards and the most important certifications in the world.

imprinted concrete companies for urbanisations: Topciment

Our way of doing things has become a reference at an international level for other companies in the sector. It is this savoir faire that allows us to create the highest quality products that can be found. Our commitment to creating unique products with great performance, goes through creating a better and cleaner planet and we will do everything in our power to protect it. That's why our efforts to reduce the ecological footprint in the manufacture of our products. This is the only way to have respect for the planet and, above all, to do things as well as possible.

It has one of the leading imprinted concrete companies in the entire world with a trademark in countries such as the United States, China or Russia, among others. Thus, we become a company that is not only capable of producing the construction materials demanded by the most demanding professionals, but we are also able to sell our products anywhere in the world.

This is why the size and quality of our customer service and sales team is noteworthy. It is made up of professionals who are experts in our products, capable of advising you in many areas, whether it's in the application, which coating is most suitable for your needs, or how to achieve the desired decorative style.

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