How to decorate a bathroom: microcement and 40 more stylish ideas

If you're wondering how to decorate the bathroom, in this news we give you 40 ideas that are going to help you completely change the appearance of the bathroom, adapting to the decorative style you like the most. Because remember that the bathroom also deserves to be decorated as we would do with other rooms such as living rooms or bedrooms.

1. Opt for natural light

Open the window of your bathroom to let in the daylight. Not only will you save on your electricity bill, but you will also have a more natural look and your bathroom will be filled with freshness and the atmosphere will improve, turning your sink into a room with a lot of warmth. If you have the chance, we strongly recommend opening a window.

2. Use large mirrors

A large mirror can illuminate and enlarge a small bathroom. And if you don't want to give up your style, opt for a mirror with a frame customised to your liking. Large mirrors will give your bathroom an elegant look and great depth.

3. Change the lighting

Install LED lights on the ceiling or on the walls for more modern and efficient lighting. And don't forget to look for an affordable switch to complete the change. These lights blend very well with any decorative style as it is a very subtle way to illuminate.

4. Paint the walls

Give your bathroom a new look with a coat of paint. If you don't want to spend a lot, you can just paint one wall in a striking colour to create a dramatic effect. Even if what you have are tiles, we tell you that these can also be painted with a special paint, you can even cover them with microcement, being able to choose not only the colour, but the finish you want.

5. Decorate with plants

Plants are a natural way to purify the air and bring life to your bathroom. Choose varieties that adapt well to humidity and limited space, to give it a touch of freshness that only these natural elements can provide.

6. Add different textures to decorate your bathroom

To prevent your bathroom from looking cold and lacking personality, you can add textile elements, made of cotton or silk. You can add them in the form of curtains or towels and they will always give it a different touch.

7. Explore the coatings

Tile is the most common covering for the bathroom, but there are many other options, such as wood, glass or even stone. Choose the material that best suits your style and budget.

Bathroom decorated with microcement in general

8. Microcement is a great material for decorating the bathroom

Themicrocementit is a material, a coating, that can perfectly adapt to any decorative style as well as any budget. In addition, it is installed in a very easy and quick way, preventing the sink from becoming unusable like those in which works are carried out. Also, this coating has a great quality and it is its adaptability. Thus, it can be applied on floors, walls, bathtubs, showers, built-in furniture, benches, etc.

: 9. Think about the ground

The floor is another important element when decorating the bathroom. If you want to give it a touch of luxury, you can install a marble or mosaic floor. In this regard, microcement, due to its anti-slip capacity and its resistance to knocks and moisture, is a great option.

10. Tiles can change everything

Tiles can be a decorative element apart, so make the most of their potential. Choose an original or colourful design, or even paint the tiles if you want to give it a more personal touch.

11. Change the tapware

The tapware is another important element of the bathroom, so don't hesitate to change it if you want to give it a new image. Those that are gold or silver coloured are an elegant option, but you can also opt for a more modern and original model, opting for colours like black in a matte finish. Modern and elegant at the same time.

12. Don't forget the accessories

Accessories can be the icing on the cake when it comes to decorating the bathroom. Look for some that match your style and add a personal touch, like some nice little jugs to leave the toothbrushes in so it's a functional element with a decorative touch.

13. Take advantage of storage spaces

A well-organised bathroom is a beautiful bathroom. Take advantage of available storage spaces, such as drawers or shelves, to keep everything in its place. You can choose to create built-in shelves or take advantage of the space above hanging countertops to store your items.

14. Avoid the mess

If you don't want clutter to dominate your bathroom, look for ways to hide it. You can use baskets or boxes to store towels, cosmetics and other accessories.

15. Use the walls

The walls are a perfect space to hang pictures, prints or any artistic element that you like. Keep in mind that walls can also be decorated by choosing suitable materials or coverings.

16. Think about the functionality

The bathroom is a place to relax, so make sure everything is at hand and easy to use. Don't forget to think about the location of the towel, cosmetics and other items so you can use them easily.

17. Find the balance

The bathroom should be a comfortable place, but also aesthetic. Seek the balance between functionality and decoration to create a space that you like to be in and where you can feel very at ease.

Bathroom with gold appliques

18. Don't forget about the ventilation

Ventilation is essential in a bathroom, so make sure the air can circulate freely. You can open the window or install an extractor. By doing so, you will be able to enjoy your bathroom much more.

19. Use natural products

Natural products are better for health and the environment. When possible, use soaps and oils made with natural ingredients to make every bath or shower much more enjoyable.

20. Make a change of clothes

Store the swimwear in a place that is not visible. If you don't want to give up on decoration, opt for some nice shelves or a dresser. Always remember that towels, bathrobes, etc. should be folded.

21. Change the towels

Towels are an important element in the bathroom, so don't hesitate to renew them from time to time. You can opt for 100% cotton ones, microfiber or bamboo. In this way, it will seem like you are inaugurating a new bathroom every so often.

22. Use natural essences

Natural essences are an easy and economical way to perfume the bathroom. You can add them to the bathtub, bidet or sink. In addition to being relaxing, they also have excellent decorative properties, when placed in transparent glass jars.

23. Paintings are also for the bathroom

The paintings are an easy and economical way to decorate the bathroom. Choose ones that inspire you and that match the rest of the decor. Don't forget that these are not just for bedrooms or living rooms. Dare and put the painting you like the most. Yes, also in the bathroom.

24. Use some nice soaps

Soaps are an important element in the bathroom, so make sure they are nice. You can buy them in a craft store or make them yourself. Imagine a soft green coloured bar with an ellipse shape next to a wooden cube to leave the toothbrushes. Nice combination.

25. Lighting some candles is always a good idea

Candles are an essential element to create a relaxing atmosphere. Choose good quality ones to prevent them from melting quickly. Keep in mind that these also have scents. So choose the one you like the most and relax, even more if possible, in your new bathroom.

26. Use some coloured towels

Coloured towels are an easy way to add a touch of personality to the bathroom. Choose shades that match the rest of the decor. They can also have different shapes, they don't have to be monochromatic, although if you find your favourite colour... As with everything, to your liking.

27. Add several smaller mirrors

Mirrors are an essential element in the bathroom. You can opt for a large one or several small ones, or you can even combine the large ones and the smaller ones.

28. Use wooden products

Wooden products such as combs or brushes give a special touch to bathrooms. When this aesthetic is combined with products like soaps or natural oils, it enhances the feeling of well-being when decorating the bathroom.

29. Put up some shelves

The shelves are a practical way to take advantage of the available storage space in the bathroom. You can use them to store towels, cosmetics and other accessories.

30. Add some hooks

Hooks are a practical and economical way to take advantage of the available space on the bathroom walls. You can use them to hang towels, toothbrushes or cosmetics. By utilising the space you are decorating.

31. Add a personal touch

To give the bathroom a warm and welcoming atmosphere, add some personal touches. You can place photos of family and friends, or use paintings or engravings to create a more intimate atmosphere.

Bathroom decorated with colourful towels and microcement on the wall

32. Furniture can change your bathroom

Furniture is an essential element of bathroom decoration. Choose furniture that is functional and aesthetically appealing. If the bathroom is small, opt for compact furniture with simple lines.

33. The sanitary facilities, key piece

The sanitary ware are key elements in the bathrooms. Changing the toilets can completely vary the look of the sink, being able to opt for an infinity of different designs and styles.

34. Mediterranean style bathrooms

Open up your bathroom space where the bathtub or shower do not have a screen. The microcement for the floor around it can be the best material to use if we think about its anti-slip power.

35. Black and white bathrooms

The combination of these colours does not mean that the bathroom will look outdated. In fact, this combination is very fashionable. Black tiles with joints of the same colour will help reinforce that almost industrial style.

36. Differentiating areas is decorating bathrooms

The pink colour can be used for the tiles in the bathtub area. In addition, it can be combined with some floating wooden shelves and with a backlit mirror, obtaining a bathroom in which the modern and the vintage combine perfectly.

37. Zen style bathroom

Natural textures, the use of few colours, order and indirect lighting can be the ideal ingredients for a natural texture bathroom that looks like a spa.

38. The sinks? Blue

By choosing this colour for your sinks you can play with white furniture, with a countertop of both marble but also wood. You can add some mirrors with a wooden frame that perfectly matches with blue and always provide the appreciated warmth in bathrooms.

39. Retro bathrooms

You can always opt for a retro decorative style that is not going to clash, at all, with the most raging current affairs. By also combining metro type tiles for the walls with hydraulic tiles on the floor, the result is spectacular. In addition, you can choose a shower with a transparent screen so that the space is enlarged and the light runs at its own pace.

40. Decorate your bathroom with gold appliques

A simple idea to add a golden touch to the bathroom is lighting. We're not talking about the ceiling lamp, but the lamp we place next to the mirror to see ourselves better. Choose a wall light with a special golden design and you'll enhance your bathroom decor.

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