Products for imprinted concrete

Decorative mortars for imprinted concrete

High-performance decorative mortar line for the application, renovation and repair of imprinted concrete coatings. Perfect for creating non-slip finishes with different textures indoors and outdoors.

Pigments and pigmented pastes for imprinted concrete

Range of pigments and pigment pastes for coloring imprinted concrete and mortars. Resistant to alkalis and sunlight. Available in aqueous dispersion, water-based, solvent-based and in powder form.

Release agents for imprinted concrete

Release agents that facilitate the removal of imprinted concrete molds used in the stamping of decorative pavements. Available in liquid and powder version.

Varnishes for imprinted concrete

Wide line of varnishes that protect and enhance the curing process of imprinted concrete. Products that have the ability to enhance the color of the coating. Available in water-based and solvent-based.

Dyeing chemical reagents

Coloring chemical reagents for oxidizing walls and decorative cement and mineral floors such as polished concrete, imprinted concrete and microcement. Both indoors and outdoors. Available in seven colors.

Consolidants and repair mortars for concrete

Line of consolidating mineral coatings and decorative repair mortars. Especially suitable for the application of glazes and patinas for restoration, heritage and theming on surfaces of imprinted concrete as well as sandstone, brick and mortars.

Concrete deactivators

Positive water-based surface retarders. Formulated to delay the setting of concrete. Ready-to-use products and free of solvents.

Mortar for low thickness imprinted concrete

Line of leveling mortars to make low-thickness imprinted concrete floors, between 10 and 20 millimeters. Also polished concrete. High resistance to sun exposure and to ice-thaw cycles.

Cleaners, strippers and descalers imprinted concrete

Ecological detergent cleaners, strippers and acid descalers formulated for the cleaning, care and maintenance of imprinted concrete.

Molds for imprinted concrete

Large family of molds for imprinted concrete made up of more than 150 molds with the most varied shapes and textures. Molds for imprinted pavements and vertical imprinted concrete capable of imitating tiles, bricks, stone or wood, among many other materials.

Fibers for imprinted concrete

Wide family of fibers for imprinted concrete whose mission is to strengthen and extend the useful life of the imprinted concrete. With an easy application, these fibers reduce the construction time and prevent the formation of shrinkage cracks, ensuring the strength and durability of the concrete and mortars.

Tools for imprinted concrete

Tools for imprinted concrete tested by Topciment for the correct application of imprinted concrete. We find: rollers, trowels, floats and edgers, among others.