Microcement Aberdeen

Since 2005, we have been carrying out microcement works all over Aberdeen: Aberdeen city center, Dyce, Bridge of Don, Cults, Hazlehead, Kincorth, etc. Home and commercial premises renovation projects where our certified applicators work solely with the products we manufacture. The quality of our products, the training of our applicators, and the experience of our sales team best defines us. We are a tested brand, leaders in the manufacture of microcement in the UK. We assure continuous and long-lasting decorative coatings, as well as free technical consultation from start to finish. We value connecting with our customers and supporting them beyond the project to meet their needs. We specialize in the sales, training, and application of microcement in Aberdeen. The systems we offer are designed to suit the needs of each project to make it unique. We assist you in bringing your projects to life quickly and effectively.
Ivory colored microcement staircase with aluminum profile

What is microcement?

Microcement is a continuous coating that can be applied to all types of surfaces and rooms: walls, floors, ceilings, stairs, bathrooms, pools, kitchens, etc. A peculiarity that allows to save time and money compared to other coatings and that has catapulted it to success. A coating formed from cement, resins, pigments and additives that offers an exclusive finish thanks to its artisanal application. It has excellent adhesion and can be used on a myriad of materials such as concrete, tiles, plasterboard, plaster, metals, marble and mosaic, among others. This thin coating, only between 2 and 3 mm, has gained importance in terms of decoration in recent years as more and more architects, interior designers and decorators opt for microcement for all types of renovations in homes and businesses. Its absence of expansion joints results in a smooth and continuous surface, providing amplitude, brightness and elegance to the space in which it is integrated. A lack of joints that favors cleaning and maintenance, by not allowing the accumulation of dirt.
Exterior microcement staircase in housing

Applicators of microcement in Aberdeen

If you're searching for microcement applicators in Aberdeen, you've hit the jackpot. The proficiency in microcement application, the superior performance of the utilized products, and the education that we provide our partner applicators at Topciment, ensure the excellence of the work we execute. Whether you aspire to completely revamp your home or if you're a proprietor of a hotel, restaurant, commercial establishment, office, or other forms of business; our microcement applicators in Aberdeen will scrutinize your case to offer you the most reasonable quote. Because for us, customer gratification is paramount. We've been executing microcement projects in the Aberdeen region for 17 years. Comprehensive renovations of residences and private and corporate properties. Our microcement applicators in Aberdeen are certified professionals who pay attention to the finest detail to achieve ultimate perfection in the final outcome.
Infinity-pool style white microcement pool

Microcement courses in Aberdeen

At Topciment, we prioritize the education of our collaborator applicators in Aberdeen, seeing that the groundbreaking products we produce are consistently evolving and improving in their chemical and mechanical resistances. We also place importance on this due to the introduction of new products annually. Because of these factors, we regularly conduct stamped concrete courses at our facilities in Aberdeen, providing practical and educational training on the various application techniques of our products. Due to the new skills they are gaining, the service they subsequently provide at construction sites is of superior quality. Similarly, our distributors also conduct stamped concrete application courses in Aberdeen for professionals who desire to learn how to work with our stamped concrete. Are you interested? Get in touch with us and learn about the upcoming schedule of our courses.
Exterior microcement staircase in housing

Prices of microcement in Aberdeen

The cost of microcement in Aberdeen per square meter relies on various aspects. First off, the state of the surface that is to be clad in microcement, whether it necessitates any prior repair that would elevate the final expense. The intricacy of the project also constitutes a factor to consider. Greater difficulty corresponds to a higher cost. Similarly, the m2 to be sheathed, the dimension is crucial in this context. To proffer the most cost-effective price feasible, we lessen the expense as the square meterage needed to be covered in microcement increases. And undeniably, the costs of displacement. Nevertheless, given our presence of microcement stores within the key cities of the Aberdeen area, this doesn't pose any problem. Generally, and accounting these factors, the cost of microcement in Aberdeen ranges from approximately 60 and 100 euros per square meter.
Infinity-pool style white microcement pool

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