Metallic paints oxide effect Classic Mettal

Classic Mettal is the range of ready-to-use metal coatings with the possibility of a rust finish.

It is a decorative finish that offers a wide variety of application possibilities on walkable and non- walkable surfaces. It stands out for its ability to turn any room and design into completely new surfaces with authentic rust finishes.

Classic Mettal contains real metal particles of copper, bronze, iron and brass, depending on the result you want to obtain. Its application offers two possibilities: metallic look finishes and rust finishes, thanks to the application of Mettal Activator. It can be applied on any surface and indoors and outdoors.

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The ready to use metal pigments in the Classic Mettal range can also be given the appearance of rust, if Mettal Activator is applied

Copper + Mettal Activator

Bronze + Mettal Activator

Iron 004 + Mettal Activator

Iron 030 + Mettal Activator

Types of Classic Mettal

Classic Mettal
Classic Mettal Copper
Classic Mettal
Classic Mettal Bronze
Classic Mettal
Classic Mettal Oxide Iron 004
Classic Mettal
Classic Mettal Oxide Brass
Classic Mettal
Classic Mettal Oxide Iron 030

Technical characteristics

It can be applied on any type of surface

microcement, concrete, brick, ceramic, etc.

High adherence to the substrate

In not very absorbent areas we recommend Primacem Plus.

Product ready to use

Do not dilute with water.

Versatility of application

Can be applied with a trowel, brush, sponge, roller or spray gun.


The performance will depend on the substrate to be coated and the method of application. In a trowel application, the coverage is the following: 0,15 L/m².


Classic Mettal is available in 1L containers.

Step 1. Cleaning and preparation of the substrate.
We must make sure that it is well cohesive, dry and if necessary sanded. Vacuum to clean the substrate.
Step 2. Priming.
Apply a coat of Primacem ABS (absorbent substrate) or Primacem PLUS (non-absorbent substrate). Let dry for around 1 hour.
Step 3. Decoration.
Apply one or two layers of the desired Classic Mettal product (Copper, Bronze, Iron 004, Iron 030 or Brass) with a trowel or roller, letting each layer to dry from 2 to 4 hours. Allow to dry for 24 hours and sand.
Step 4.Metallic finish and sealer.
If a metallic finish is required, once the surface has been decorated, apply two coats of Topsealer WT One Coat varnish (allowing 24 hours drying time between applications) to protect the substrate. Allow to dry for 24 hours.
Step 5. Oxidised finish and sealer.
If you are looking for a rusty finish, once the surface has been decorated, apply Mettal Activator to accelerate the oxidation and sand. 24 hours later, apply two coats of Presealer (allowing 4 hours between coats) and sand. Finally, protect the surface with two coats of Topsealer WT One Coat varnish (24 hours between coats). Allow to dry for 24 hours.