Microcement cleaning and maintenance | Protective waxes and cleaners

Microcemento is a material with very particular characteristics and properties. Therefore, it is necessary to use the right products that guarantee its optimal care and maintenance.

Topciment has developed four products specialised in the cleaning and maintenance of microcement.

These products are characterised by their biodegradability and respect for the environment, their high performance in cleaning the most difficult dirt and, above all, helping to preserve the condition of the materials and their properties (shine, texture, colour intensity, resistance, etc.).


Ecoclean Basic microcement cleaner

Ecoclean Basic is an ecological, environmentally friendly detergent cleaner that is ideal for cleaning microcement surfaces.

Designed with biodegradable ingredients, this mildly alkaline microcement cleaner is very effective against the most common household dirt such as grease, food residues, limescale marks, oil, wine, blood, chocolate, etc.

But Ecoclean Basic is not only effective for removing everyday household dirt on microcement, but also on other materials such as marble, tiles or granite.

Download here the technical sheet of Ecoclean Basic

Technical characteristics




1,04 ±0,02 g/cm3

Water soluble
Ecological and biodegradable product


165-250 ml/m2 pure
33-50 ml/m2 diluido 1:5 in water
10-12,5 ml/m2 diluido 1:20 in water


Ecoclean Basic microcement cleaner is available in 1 and 5 litre plastic containers.

Where to use Ecoclean Basic microcement cleaner

Although Ecoclean Basic is highly recommended for cleaning microcement, it is equally effective for removing domestic dirt on marble, granite, tile, ceramic, stoneware or polished concrete surfaces, among others.

This cleaner is ideal for floors and walls in kitchens and bathrooms, worktops, ovens, microwaves, taps, glass-ceramic hobs and tables. It can also be used in small offices and shops.


Ecoclean Pro texture

Ecoclean Pro microcement cleaner

Ecoclean Pro is an environmentally friendly detergent cleaner suitable for the removal of persistent dirt. This cleaner for microcement surfaces has been designed with biodegradable and environmentally friendly ingredients.

Alkaline in nature and with a hih sequestering and detergent power, this microcement cleaner is capable of eliminating almost all types of stains and marks: soot, grease, food residues, biofilm, limescale marks, tyre marks, mould release agents, pollution, etc.

Being able to remove the most encrusted dirt, Ecoclean Pro is designed for professional and industrial cleaning not only of microcement surfaces, but also of terrazzo, stamped concrete, tiles, stoneware or mortar.

Download here the technical sheet of Ecoclean Pro

Technical characteristics




1,05 ±0,02 g/cm3

Ecological and biodegradable product
High sequestering, descaling and emulsifying power


166-250 ml/m2 pure
33-50 ml/m2 diluted 1:5 in water
16-25 ml/m2 diluted 1:10 in water


Ecoclean Pro is available in 1, 5 and 25 litre plastic containers.

Where to apply Ecoclean Pro Microcement Cleaner

Ecoclean Pro is not only extremely effective for cleaning microcement. It is equally efficient on natural stone, tiles, ceramics, stoneware, mortars, concrete, stainless steel, certain plastics and epoxy paints, among others.

It is perfect for the thorough cleaning of workshops, machinery, garages, building sites and restorations, car parks, large surfaces such as warehouses and shopping centres, leisure centres, bars and restaurants, hotels and hospitals.


Ceraciment Basic texture

Microcement protective wax, Ceraciment Basic

Ceraciment Basic is a floor maintenance wax that adds hardness and natural shine to any surface.

Its special formula allows enrichment and penetration into treated floors, especially suitable for microcement floors. Its application is for domestic use.

Download here the data sheet of Ceraciment Basic

Technical characteristics Ceraciment Basic microcement protective wax


Between 6.5 - 7.5

No amarillea

No yellowing even after prolonged exposure to sunlight


1,00 ±0.005 g/mL


10.22s (Ford Cup 4)


The consumption of the protective wax microcement for more professional use depends on whether it is by machine or by hand:
Machine 20-40 mL/m2
By hand 30-50 mL/m2


Ceraciment Pro microcement protective wax is also packaged in 5 liter plastic containers.


Ceraciment Pro texture

Ceraciment Pro microcement protective wax

Ceraciment Pro

is a maintenance wax for high resistance floors with a metallic finish.

It is a compound that does not yellow over time and therefore preserves the original appearance of the surfaces.

It provides a high level of shine and greater protection to the surface. Its application is for professional use.

Download here the technical sheet of Ceraciment Pro

Technical characteristics


9 ± 0,5


1,03 ± 0.01 g/mL


23 ± 2 %


13 ± 1s (Ford Cup 4)


Machine: 20-40 mL/m²
By hand: 30-50 mL/m²


Ceraciment Pro is available in 5L plastic bottles.