Stamped concrete images of projects completed by Topciment

Stamped concrete is one of the most suitable decorative coatings to modernise any environment: terraces, swimming pools, residential areas, sports and cultural centres, parks and gardens, car parks, etc. A system that adapts to the particular needs of each space, providing aesthetics and, above all, the functionality required by surfaces that, as a general rule, are outdoors.

At Topciment we have a wide range of products so that the professional can apply the best decorative solution to the paving or wall covering to be treated with stamped concrete. Materials of high decorative value that provide added value to the place. A customised, waterproof and non-slip finish, which does not discolour due to the effects of UV light and is very durable, among many other benefits.

Each stamped concrete project is unique, as are the requirements of each space and client. If you are thinking of installing a stamped or vertical printed paving, in this gallery of photos of stamped concrete you can get a better idea of the finish that you can achieve by using our system.

Below, we show you some real stamped concrete works that have been carried out with Topciment products. Find some inspiration!

Stamped concrete images in housing

house with stamped concrete on the terrace
solarium housing made of stamped concrete
house with stamped concrete flooring
 mansion with stamped concrete on the entrance floor
garage entrance with stamped concrete
chill out house with stamped concrete on pavement

Stamped concrete images for swimming pools

 clover-shaped stamped concrete swimming pool
stamped concrete swimming pool with garden area
rectangular stamped concrete swimming pool
  grey stamped concrete swimming pool
  circular stamped concrete swimming pool
 irregular stamped concrete swimming pool

Stamped concrete images pavements with Rosa de los Vientos

suelo terraza trasera casa con pavimento impreso con molde rosa de los vientos
stamped concrete floor with compass rose design
development with stamped concrete floor and wind rose
 printed pavement with white and gold wind rose moulded tiles
 oxidised stamped concrete floor with compass rose
 printed floor covering with coloured wind rose design

Stamped concrete images imitation wood

wood-imitation stamped concrete around the swimming pool
urbanisation with wood-imitation stamped concrete flooring
 swimming pool with wood imitation stamped concrete

Stamped concrete images on pavements, parks and gardens

stamped concrete pavement
stamped concrete footbridge in a park
  stamped concrete walkway floor in a park
garden with stamped concrete floor
stamped concrete pavement in residential area
 garden with cast stamped concrete in the ground

Stamped concrete images in residential areas

residential area
stamped concrete ramp in residential area
stamped concrete stairs in a residential area

Stamped concrete images on terraces

stamped concrete terrace and garden area
 terrace with black stamped concrete floor
terraza con pavimento impreso gris

Stamped concrete floor images

stamped concrete floor in swimming pool area
 stamped concrete floor
 rural house with stamped concrete pavement
house with stamped concrete floors
finca with stamped concrete floor
stamped concrete floor photos

Stamped vertical concrete images

 vertical stamped concrete in the garden