Photos of microcement in bathrooms, kitchens, floors and walls.

Microcement is the decorative coating of the moment. Its great versatility means that it can be used on all kinds of surfaces and in all kinds of rooms with spectacular results. In our microcement gallery we show you some of the wide decorative possibilities of one of the most widely used building materials in the world. Inspiring projects in which our microcement has been used on floors, walls, kitchens, bathrooms, stairs, swimming pools and exteriors.

Microcement on walls

The use of microcement on walls is spreading in private homes and buildings such as hotels, restaurants and large surfaces. It is increasingly common to see microcement walls in bathrooms, kitchens or exterior facades thanks to its many qualities and its beautiful decorative aesthetics. In this gallery you will find some of our most outstanding projects in which microcement has been applied to walls and facades.

White microcement walls inside the house
Walls in white microcement inside the Carmen House (Denia).
Slate-coloured microcement walls cinema
IPIC Movie Theater (Miami) with slate-coloured microcement walls.
Walls pearl coloured microcement bedroom
Bedroom with walls covered in pearl coloured microcement.
Microcement walls of El Rebost restaurant
Microcement on the walls of El Rebost restaurant (Valencia).
Steel-coloured microcement walls house
Steel-coloured microcement walls inside a house.
Bathroom microcement walls
Bathroom with walls covered with microcement

Microcement floors

Resistance to transit, knocks and easy cleaning as there are no joints, are some of the characteristics that make microcement floors the best option for covering interior and exterior floors, not to mention the colours! Discover here some of our most outstanding projects in which we have opted for microcement flooring.

Suelo exterior microcemento colour blanco
Exterior of the house in Carmen House (Dénia) with white microcement floor.
Microcement floor colourBlue Night blue NAM restaurant
NAM restaurant (Kiev) with our Blue Night blue microcement on the floor
Suelo microcemento colour Marfil Casa Sardinera
Microcemento floor colour Marfil in the living room of Casa Sardinera (Jávea).
Suelo microcemento colour Hierro 004 salón salón vivienda Hernán Cortés
Microcemento floor colour Hierro 004 in the living room of the house Hernán Cortés (Valencia).
Microcemento suelo clínica dental en Valencia
Dental clinic in Valencia with our microcemento on the floor.
Suelo microcemento Piedra París inmobiliaria Valencia
Microcemento floor in Piedra París colour in the real estate agency I+I (Valencia).

Microcement bathrooms

If there is one room in which microcement is the absolute protagonist, it is the bathroom. The high resistance to humidity as well as the speed of installation of this continuous coating has led to a boom in microcement bathrooms. And a picture, or a few pictures, is proof of this. Microcement can be applied on floors, walls, bathroom sinks and even showers or bathtubs. Enjoy the photos of microcement bathrooms from our most outstanding projects here. They are an absolute trend!

Shale Grey microcement bathroom in Colorado
Shale Grey microcement bathroom on the walls of this house in Colorado (United States)
Bathroom with microcement floor and walls in Switzerland
Bathroom with microcement floor and walls in a private house in Switzerland.
Microcement bathroom Casa Isabel in Valencia
Spectacular microcement bathroom in walls and floor of the Casa Isabel (Valencia)
Grey microcement bathroom in Hernán Cortés house
Grey microcement bathroom in the private house Hernán Cortés (Valencia)
Microcement walls and floor in bathroom
Bathroom with microcement walls and floor in a private home.
Grey microcement bathroom on walls and floor Germany
Microcement bathroom on walls (Himalaya colour) and floor (Steel colour) in a house in Germany

Microcement in kitchens

As with bathrooms, microcement kitchens are in fashion. Especially when you are looking for a modern and minimalist kitchen, a style that is achieved thanks to the continuity of microcement. There are many ways to apply microcement in kitchens: floors, walls, sinks and even kitchen worktops. Take a look at our most outstanding projects and discover for yourself what microcement can do in kitchens.

White microcement kitchen open to the living room
Large white microcement kitchen open to the living room of the Carmen House project (Dénia).
Microcement in sand-coloured kitchen
Our microcement applied on the floor of this kitchen.
Microcement in kitchen with island
Mojave coloured microcement floor in spacious kitchen with island.
Microcemento kitchen floor Kalahari colour
The Kalahari colour microcement is the protagonist of the floor of the open kitchen of Casa Isabel.
Kitchen microcement floor in Altea
Veautiful microcement kitchen on the floor of the private house BHMM in Altea.
Grey microcement in kitchen
Grey microcement used in the floor of this original kitchen.

Microcement stairs

Although microcement stairs are complicated to make, the final result is well worth it. Microcement turns a simple staircase into a highly valuable decorative resource that gives personality to the room in which it is located. Enjoy here some of the microcement staircases featured in our most outstanding projects.

White microcement staircase
Interior staircase clad with white microcement in a house.
White microcement staircase
Small white microcement staircase
Innovative grey microcement staircase
Innovative grey microcement staircase
Grey microcement spiral staircase
Elegant grey microcement spiral staircase inside a house.
escalera con microcemento
Red microcement staircase in a shop in China.
imagen escalera microcemento plata
Modern grey microcement staircase in a house in Wuhan (China).

Microcement swimming pools

There are many alternatives for lining the crown and around a swimming pool, but few offer as many advantages as microcement in swimming pools. Its great adherence, its non-slip and waterproof character and its high resistance to sunlight make microcement pools the best alternative for both outdoor and indoor pools. Let yourself be amazed by the photos of the microcement pools of our most outstanding projects.

Outdoor white microcement swimming pool
Minimalist white microcement swimming pool on the terrace of Carmen House.
Microcement indoor swimming pool
Microcement heated swimming pool inside a house.
Swimming pool microcement wooden decking
Private microcement swimming pool with wooden decking
Swimming pool coping in off-white microcement
Pool coping lined with off-white microcement.
piscina de micro cemento
Small outdoor swimming pool covered with white microcement.
Modern microcement swimming pool
Modern microcement swimming pool with sea views in Casa Sardinera.

Microcement for outdoors

Who said that microcement is only for indoors? Outdoor microcement is also a trend, especially for covering terrace floors or patios and building façades. In our gallery you will find some of the most interesting ideas for applying microcement outdoors. Open your mind!

Microcement outdoor terrace
Beautiful microcement outdoor terrace from the Carmen House project.
microcement en exteriores
Outdoor microcement flooring that enriches the environment of this house.
Suelo exterior microcemento blanco terraza
Exterior white microcement flooring on private terrace.
Microcemento exterior terrace
Dazzling exterior terrace with microcement paving.
Exterior grey microcement floor and walls
Exterior walls and floor with grey microcement
Exterior microcement staircase
Exterior microcement staircase in a luxurious villa