Industrial self-leveling for floors with moderate or heavy traffic. 19/01/2024

Parking with industrial self-leveling

We present XTREMFLOOR® Level Industrial, a high-strength industrial self-leveling compound. Thickness from 5 to 20 mm for pavements with moderate and/or heavy traffic. Discover it.

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XTREMFLOOR® Level Decor: a great decorative self-leveling mortar 24/11/2023

living room with decorative self-leveling mortar on pavement

We present XTREMFLOOR® Level Decor, a decorative self-leveling mortar for interior use. High-quality product, that does not crack and can be pumped for thicknesses of 5-20 millimeters. Get to know it.

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TopSealer® 100: an aliphatic polyurethane varnish with quick commissioning 14/11/2023

Aliphatic polyurethane varnish Topsealer 100

We present TopSealer® 100, an aliphatic polyurethane varnish with quick application and service time. 100% solids and single-component, this varnish with excellent mechanical and chemical resistance will surprise you. Get to know it.

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XTREMFLOOR® Level Concrete: self-leveling for microcement floors 07/11/2023

most desired water-based polyurethane varnish

We launch XTREMFLOOR® Level Concrete, a self-leveling product for floors from 1 to 10 mm. A high-performance, fast-drying product to complete our microcement system. Discover it.

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Deactivated concrete: what it is, how it's made and price per m2 07/11/2023

Deactivated concrete in exteriors

Deactivated concrete, washed concrete, or exposed aggregate is an effective method to create resistant and durable pavements. Learn what it is, how it is made, and its cost.

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TopSealer® WT Dragon: the most desired water-based polyurethane varnish 31/05/2023

most desired water-based polyurethane varnish

We launch TopSealer® WT Dragon, a water-based polyurethane varnish with superior chemical resistance. Ideal for bathrooms and exteriors. Use it, you won't want solvent-based varnishes anymore.

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Works and renovations with microcement: keys speed and efficiency 26/12/2022

Renovated kitchen with microcement

Works and renovations with microcement are done faster than with other coatings. We explain why in this news.

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Cleaning imprinted concrete: keys, tips and precautions 22/12/2022

Clean imprinted concrete around a pool

Cleaning stamped concrete is an easy task if you follow the tips we leave you in this news. Pay attention because we also give you keys to maintain it.

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Microcement problems: tips to avoid them 19/12/2022

Living room with microcement walls and floor

Discover why microcement problems arise. What should be done to prevent cracks or fissures from appearing? We also show you that.

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White microcement: double brightness and cleanliness 15/12/2022

Living room with microcement walls and floor

White microcement is one of the most used options in the world of design and decoration. Discover spaces and styles with which it best combines.

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Microcement showers for bathrooms full of pros 12/12/2022

Microcement furniture, decorative exclusivity for unique spaces

Microcement showers are here to stay. They are non-slip, water-resistant, and easy to clean. Quickly renew your bathroom with style.

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One of the leading imprinted concrete companies: Topciment 8/12/2022

Imprinted concrete from the Topciment brand in a sports venue.

Of all the stamped concrete companies in the world, Topciment is one of the most important. In this news, you will learn the keys to our success.

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How to decorate a bathroom: microcement and 39 more stylish ideas 5/12/2022

Microcement furniture, decorative exclusivity for unique spaces

How to decorate a bathroom? Using microcement and any of these 39 ideas, you can change its appearance tastefully and easily.

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Microcement and humidity: perfect coexistence 1/12/2022

Exterior wall of microcement with moisture stains

Discover everything about microcement and humidity. Learn about a continuous coating characterized by its great resistance to running water.

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Bathroom renovations: keys to the perfect renovation 28/11/2022

Bathroom renovation carried out with microcement

We give you the keys for successful bathroom renovations and analyze how microcement helps in this type of project. Learn about its price and advantages.

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Microcement furniture, decorative exclusivity in your rooms 24/11/2022

Microcement furniture, decorative exclusivity for unique spaces

Microcement furniture can give your spaces a unique appearance. Discover the material to create new and revolutionary pieces of furniture.

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Microcement in bedrooms: advantages, colors and price 21/11/2022

Children's bedroom with microcement on the walls

Microcement in bedrooms is increasingly used. Infinite resistances and finishes on floors and walls make it a material to be taken into account.

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Cleaning and maintenance of imprinted concrete: great tips 17/11/2022

Cleaning of imprinted concrete outdoors

Cleaning and maintenance of stamped concrete are very important so that the surfaces do not lose their resistance or shine. Here are some tips

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Finishes and textures of microcement: infinite possibilities 14/11/2022

Wall with smooth microcement texture in sand color

The finishes and textures of microcement mark a before and after in the world of decoration. Discover the latest trends of this material.

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Colors of imprinted concrete: the most used and Topciment range 10/11/2022

Range of imprinted concrete colors from red to gray

The colors of stamped concrete enhance the decorative properties of this material. Discover which are the most used shades in the market and our collection.

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Imprinted concrete outdoors, a great solution 7/11/2022

Imprinted concrete outdoors

Stamped concrete outdoors is used both in homes and businesses. It guarantees resistance, hardness, and great beauty. Discover its attributes.

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Tadelakt: discover this decorative technique in depth 3/11/2022

Tadelakt on living room walls in gray color

Tadelakt is an ancient decorative technique from Morocco. Its unique finishes resist indefinitely. Discover everything about it and why it remains in fashion.

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Imprinted concrete in garden, resistance and natural appeal 31/10/2022

Maintenance of imprinted concrete in garden

Stamped concrete in the garden is a material that provides the resistances that all these outdoor spaces need: durability and beauty.

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Vertical imprinted concrete: uses, advantages and molds 27/10/2022

Vertical imprinted concrete

Vertical stamped concrete has countless advantages. Discover a material with great decorative capabilities for both interior and exterior and multiple uses.

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Imitation stone imprinted concrete: how to make, types and benefits 24/10/2022

Imprinted concrete stone

Stamped concrete imitation stone is an increasingly demanded solution. Discover the types available, their advantages, and how it is applied.

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Imprinted concrete in interiors: where and how to use it 21/10/2022

Imprinted concrete in interiors

Stamped concrete indoors is an increasingly used material. Discover where and how to use it. Learn about its versatility and all its possibilities.

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Imprinted concrete molds: types and the most chosen ones 20/10/2022

Imprinted concrete molds

The stamped concrete molds easily decorate any surface. For floors, vertical or wood imitation, their possibilities are endless. Discover them.

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Natture Lime Mortar: what it is, types, advantages and what it is used for 01/04/2022

Living room wall clad with Natture lime mortar

Discover what lime mortar is and what it is used for. We delve into its benefits and properties compared to other materials, how it is made, types, and colors.

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The CE Marking and the importance of Topciment products having it 29/03/2022

Tecnalia workers testing Topciment products

Construction materials require the CE Marking for their commercialization, a symbol that not all companies possess. Topciment® decorative systems do.

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Imitation wood stamped concrete: how to do it and advantages 14/03/2022

Imitation wood imprinted concrete on the ground around the pool

If you are thinking about stamped concrete to imitate the finish of wood, you are right. It is one of the best materials. Discover in this article its main advantages and learn how to do it.

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Imprinted concrete for swimming pool: why it is an excellent solution 08/03/2022

Imitation stone imprinted concrete around the pool

Using stamped concrete in the pool is a great solution due to its advantages. Learn how it is applied, the variety of molds, and what the price per m2 is.

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Price of stamped concrete: cost per square meter in 2024 28/02/2022

Imitation stone imprinted concrete in a garden

Stamped concrete is a very cost-effective decorative material. Discover how much a square meter of pavement with infinite decorative styles costs.

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Imprinted pavement: what it is, advantages and main uses 21/02/2022

Imprinted pavement at the entrance of a house

Learn all about stamped concrete, the ideal decorative technique for covering exteriors and interiors. Modern and very durable designs. Discover its advantages.

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Ecovut 2021 Grant 17/12/2021

Ivace Image

Subsidy of the ECOVUT 2021 program for the conversion of temporary contracts to permanent.

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Decorative paint for walls: what it is, types and techniques 10/12/2021

Wall cladding

Decorative painting on walls is one of the smartest choices to transform spaces. The textures and effects are very varied. Discover the most popular types and techniques.

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Decorative concrete: the art of creating unique spaces without construction 3/11/2021

Decorative cement as wall cladding

Quickly transform spaces thanks to decorative cement. A continuous coating with which unique spaces are created without construction work. Learn all about it.

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Topciment presents Primacem Joint, a new filler putty 13/10/2021

Primacem Joint filler putty

Topciment launches Primacem Joint, a new filling and smoothing putty with extraordinary adhesion and fast drying. A product suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Wall coverings: types, advantages and expert advice 08/10/2021

Microcement wall cladding in a living room

Discover the main wall coverings on the market and their most outstanding advantages. Our experts will advise you on which one to choose for each situation.

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Epoxy resin floor: much more than an industrial pavement 28/09/2021

Epoxy resin floor in a hallway

The epoxy resin floor is one of the continuous pavements with the best performance. In this article, we discuss what this pavement consists of as well as its main uses and advantages.

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Topciment certifies the quality of its products and services under the ISO 9001 standard 07/09/2021

ISO Certificate

Topciment obtains ISO 9001:2015 certification for quality management in the design, development, manufacture, and marketing of its decorative coatings.

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Microcement on walls: everything you need to know about its use 14/07/2021

Carmen House project with microcement

The use of microcement on walls has spread like wildfire. A trend that has come to stay due to its unmatched finishes and functionality.

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The 5 most used microcement colors in decoration 05/07/2021

White microcement on the walls of the Carmen House project

Microcement has become an indispensable element for space decoration. Discover the 5 most used microcement colors that set trends.

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Venetian stucco: everything about this decorative technique for walls 28/06/2021

Wall with Venetian stucco in living room

Venetian stucco is one of the most used decorative techniques for walls and ceilings. Learn what it consists of, all its advantages, and how to apply it correctly.

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Microcement in exterior: floors that make a difference 18/06/2021

Microcement on exteriors on the floor of a house

Microcement floors in exteriors are a rising decorative trend. Discover its advantages and make the most of a continuous pavement that makes a difference.

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How to apply microcement on old tiles: step by step 27/05/2021

Microcement applied over tiles

Microcement is the best material for covering old tiles without construction work. We explain how to apply microcement on tiles, step by step.

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Microcement stairs: how to cover them correctly 25/05/2021

Silver-colored microcement staircase

Microcement stairs are the decorative element of the moment. Follow our tips and learn how to make microcement stairs step by step.

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Microcement countertops: aesthetics and functionality 5/05/2021

Microcement countertop in a kitchen

Microcement countertops are increasingly common due to their functionality, aesthetics, and wide variety of uses. Discover their main advantages.

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Opinions on microcement: pros and cons of this coating 23/4/2021

Grey microcement on the floor of a bedroom

Microcement is very popular in the decoration of interiors and exteriors of homes and businesses. A coating that generates all kinds of opinions. In this article, you will discover its main advantages and problems.

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Polished concrete: qualities and differences with other coatings 21/4/2021

Polished cement the floor of an industrial warehouse

There is a lot of confusion about polished cement. In this article, you will find everything you need to know and didn't know: what it is, the differences with other coatings such as microcement, and much more.

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How to clean microcement: specialized products and recommendations 31/3/2021

User cleaning microcement on the kitchen floor

Do you want to know everything about cleaning microcement? In this article, you will discover which products are best suited for cleaning any surface covered with microcement: floors, walls, etc.

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Microcement kitchens: advantages, styles and tips 17/3/2021

Microcement kitchen with an island

Microcement in kitchens guarantees unique creations. At Topciment, we tell you about its multiple advantages and propose four styles of microcement kitchens. What are you waiting for to discover the latest trend in decoration?

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Microcement floors: application, types, advantages and tips 15/3/2021

Microcement floor in room with integrated bathtub

Microcement can be applied in many ways on a floor. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about a microcement floor: how it is applied, its main advantages, the types that exist, and usage tips.

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How to avoid unwanted stains or marks when applying microcement 14/3/2021

Microcement application brands

Learn about the main defects of a poor application of microcement on floors and walls. Our experts provide solutions to the main problems: stains and marks.

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Topciment receives the INNOVATIVE SME seal 12/3/2021

Topciment has the INNOVATIVE SME seal

We have received the INNOVATIVE SME seal from the Ministry of Science and Innovation. A magnificent news that demonstrates that the Ministry of Science and Innovation values the significant investment of Topciment in R&D&I.

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Topciment launches its new water-based polyurethane varnish: Topsealer WT All in One 10/3/2021

New water-based polyurethane varnish Topciment

The water-based polyurethane varnish Topsealer WT All in One joins the family of Topciment sealers. A new product to better protect and for much longer the surfaces coated with our ready-to-use microcement Efectto. The mechanical and chemical resistances it offers are unbeatable.

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Topciment continues its international expansion and registers its brand in the United States 8/3/2021

Topciment logo on black background

At Topciment we are in luck. The TT brand has been registered in the United States by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). News that confirms our growth and international expansion.

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Renovating your house without construction and in a short time is possible 16/11/2020

Microcement floor in a room

It's been a few years since you bought your house with all the excitement in the world, but the passage of time has taken its toll. With Topciment's microcement, a high-performance decorative coating, you can renovate your house without construction work and in a short time.

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Microcement in the bathroom: a trending material for 2024 2/11/2020

Bathroom with microcement on the sink wall

If you are thinking of renovating or enlarging the bathroom in the coming months, this article is for you. Microcement bathrooms will be a trend in 2024. Find out here why.

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8 reasons why microcement is the future of renovations 13/10/2020

Renovated housing with microcement in the living room

Microcement is the decorative coating of the present, but above all of the future, as its multiple advantages over other materials make it ideal for creating all types of spaces and styles. Below we explain the main benefits of microcement that will make you fall in love and with which you will achieve the house of your dreams.

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Microcement pools, the best possible option 2/10/2020

White microcement microcement pool in front of the sea

The microcement pool is the best alternative to conventional concrete pools. There are options for all tastes and budgets. Discover this decorative trend.

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The most famous house on social networks is designed with Topciment. 26/08/2020

Microcement on floor in interior and exterior in the Carmen House project

Architect Carles Faus has designed the most viral house of the moment: a beautiful home located in Denia that stands out for its brightness and continuity effect thanks to the application of microcement.

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Topciment registered trademark in China and Russia 22/06/2020

Topciment logo image with black background

Our brand TT Topciment has been registered in China and Russia by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

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New anti-slip sealer varnish for Topciment microcement 30/03/2020

Anti-slip varnish image

Topsealer WT Ansti Slip joins the family of sealing varnishes to offer a key product for microcement surfaces: the anti-slip sealer.

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Topciment changes its image! 13/01/2020

New image of the Sttandard microcement range

From Topciment we have decided to take a step further in terms of design and we have updated our image and the aesthetics of our buckets. We present our range of Sttandard products, same quality and performance, but with a much more visual and current renewed image, always without losing the Topciment essence.

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Topciment presents Efectto! 13/01/2020

Ready-to-use Efectto microcement

Topciment presents Efectto, the new line of continuous and ready-to-use high decoration coatings. Efectto is a very wide range of products with a great variety of finishes that will be revealed in the coming months. The first of these new products to see the light is Efectto Quartz.

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How much does microcement cost? Price per square meter in 2024 13/01/2020

Microcement floor in a coffee shop

Many factors determine the price of microcement: the quality of the material, the square meters of the surface to be covered, or the complexity of the work. Keep reading to find out how much microcement costs in 2024.

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AIDIMME Testing and Certification 13/01/2020

Aidimme laboratories logo

The certification tests carried out by AIDIMME consist of reproducing the conditions to which the products may be exposed and seeing how they respond. AIDIMME's laboratories are accredited by ENAC and other international entities such as ISTA.

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Topciment recommends Festool for a perfect application 13/01/2020

Applicator using Festool tools

A good application of microcement is conditioned by several factors, having quality products, the application technique, but also using the best tools.

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5 Mistakes to avoid in color combination 13/01/2020

Space with different colors of microcement on the walls

At Topciment, we propose some tricks to get it right when redefining the different spaces of the house.

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Topciment confirms its participation in Cevisama 2018 at FeriaValencia 13/01/2020

Cevisama, microcement fair

The Topciment team will be at Cevisama 2018 in FeriaValencia available to anyone who wants to resolve their doubts. We provide you with a link so you can get a free ticket and access the venue without queues.

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Topciment renews for another year with CYPE 13/01/2020

Renovation with CYPE

Topciment has renewed for another year with Cype and with this agreement, service will continue to be provided to construction professionals in the preparation of work budgets with microcement.

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Slipperiness 13/01/2020

Technicians in a laboratory performing tests

We conduct slip resistance tests of microcement in the only testing laboratory in Spain specialized in this field.

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Topciment and Ivace 28/01/2021

Ivace Image

In the 21st century and, more specifically, in the current scenario we live in, there is no doubt that technology is a great ally in our daily lives.

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R&D Project 16/03/2021

European Union Logo

The objective is to develop a new concept of microcement with hygienic and multifunctional properties.

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Investment for the expansion and improvement of productive capacity 17/03/2022

Logo program Direct expansion line and European Union

Investment for the expansion and improvement of production capacity in Pobla de Vallbona.

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Xpande Digital 2022 14/09/2022

Logo Chamber of Commerce of Spain

Topciment has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund.

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INPYME Subsidy 2022 12/09/2022

Logo Generalitat Valenciana

Subsidized action for investment to improve competitiveness.

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