Mistakes to avoid when combining colours.

The use of bold colours in decoration is trendy, but we must pay attention and not make mistakes.

In interior design the combination of some tones can end up being a simple disaster. Combining colours can be a dangerous game, but accessible to all. It is usually thought that this art is reserved for professional decorators. In Topciment we propose some tricks to hit the marks at the time of redefining the different spaces of the house. In Topciment we propose some tricks to hit the mark,when it comes to redefining the different spaces of the house.

Error 1- Mix more than three colours

In interior design, this is one of the basic rules: the union of three different shades in the same room do not get harmony. Four or more colors mix can lead to confusion.A great idea is to bet on a same colour range: for example, from pale pink to fuchsia, passing by raspberry. The use of different intensities helps to not make mistakes.

Mix more than three colours

Error 2 - Abusing contrasts

The intense tones are eye-catching, but the combination of them may not be very positive. Flashy combinations that work in restaurants or hotels, may not work in living rooms because can produce visual rejection. A good option is to try on a wall and if the effect is not the desired, the decorative elements can be reorganised or changed to achieve a good result.

Abusing contrasts

Error 3 - Not make a differentiation between spaces

Inside a house there are rooms where explosive mixtures of colours may disturb. In places like bedrooms, kitchens and lounges people use to spend a lot of time and the unusual colours tend to deplete. The transit areas as the corridor or the hall, allow to challenge all the mixtures with the perfect opportunity to give free rein to the imagination.

Not make a differentiation between spaces

Error 4 - Only think about the walls

We must remember that not only decoration involves floors and walls, it may also be used in plinths, doors, furniture, or rooftops. Create a border within a wall or play with contrasts on the door frame can get a surprising composition. Likewise, in this composition will participate carpets, sofas or cushions, among others, that have colour and can lead to wonderful sets. Everything is a matter of combining proportions , dosing and dare.

Only think about the walls

Error 5 - Darken the original decoration

The idea of changing can lead to forget that housing itself is already dressed in colours, walls and floors in both windows and doors. Start a composition without taking into account the already present tones can impoverish the final result. The simplest is starting a project with existing elements, which serve as reference, and achieve a balance from this point.

Darken the original decoration