Concrete stamping courses

Are you thinking about training in stamped concrete? Whether you are looking for an introduction to this construction material or to update or expand your work skills, Topciment offers you several theoretical and practical courses that adapt to different levels of specialisation.

Don't miss this opportunity and specialise in the execution of stamped paving and vertical stamped concrete. Choose the modality that best suits your situation and increase your knowledge, teaching you about a decorative system with a wide range of possibilities.

Boost your professional skills with our stamped concrete courses. 100% certified courses in which we only work with products developed by ourselves. Get the Topciment training and learn the different techniques and processes that are necessary to carry out this decorative coating.

What will you learn in Topciment's concrete stamping course?

We want you to acquire the necessary professional skills. That's why we have several courses, so that you will find just what you are looking for and your training will be as useful and rewarding as possible. A quality training programme where cooperation and listening are essential.

Specialists in stamped concrete works will teach you the complete application process. You will learn which are the most suitable techniques and working methods to successfully execute all types of stamped paving and vertical stamped concrete by yourself. You will also learn which tools and products to use during the process in order to obtain an optimum result.

We offer you our experience so that you can obtain the necessary training with the Topciment concrete stamping course. You will learn how to handle each of the products we manufacture to complete a stamped concrete floor. From how to correctly prepare the substrate, the colouring of the floor and the choice of the mould to correctly protecting the new coating with a varnish.

Types of concrete stamping courses

As we have explained before, in order to guarantee quality learning, our courses are adjusted to the level of specialisation of each person. In this way, we have a training offer that is aimed both at people who are looking to learn about stamped concrete from scratch, as well as professionals who already have experience but wish to train in our products.

A training programme carried out by experienced professionals, who will pass on their knowledge and advice and supervise your work at all times. To guide and advise you in everything you need. You will become familiar with and learn how to handle our stamped mortars, how to protect the floor correctly with varnish or which product is the most suitable for each situation.

Generally speaking, our courses on stamped concrete are mainly divided into the two existing systems for making a stamped floor. On the one hand, the traditional system, based on the use of a stamped mortar to give colour to the coating. On the other hand, mass pigmentation, which, although it is a less known technique, has more than interesting advantages.

Concrete stamping course with traditional pigmentation system

You will learn how to lay stamped concrete floors on almost all exterior and interior surfaces. You will be able to create unique patterns and textures in spaces such as terraces, parks, squares, gardens, pavements, driveways, shopping centres, car parks or entrances to residential areas.

With this concrete stamping course, based on the traditional system, we teach you how to colour the pavement with the sprinkling technique. A technique in which a stamped mortar or coloured hardener is required. Specifically Stonecem® Floor. We will also go into the rest of the steps and elements of application: release agents, moulds, varnishes, etc.

Concrete stamping course with mass pigmentation system

Colouring a stamped pavement using powdered pigments will no longer be a great unknown for you with this stamped concrete course. A technique that consists of directly pigmenting the concrete and then pouring it onto the surface. A system that we guarantee will not leave you indifferent and is perfect for large surfaces.

Concrete stamping courses prices

The price of Topciment's concrete stamping courses is subject to several factors. Firstly, the level of specialisation. The more complex the subject matter, the higher the cost of the course. A course on stamped concrete for beginners is not the same as a course on advanced techniques for professionals with previous experience.

The material used in each stamped concrete course will also affect the final cost. It is not the same to use the traditional system to execute a stamped pavement, as it is to choose the mass-coloured one.

In this sense, online courses will be cheaper, since the student will not need material to put into practice the notions acquired during the course of the course.

Where do the Topciment stamped concrete courses take place?

The concrete stamping courses in classroom mode are taught in our facilities. Impressive facilities of more than 4,000 square metres located in Pobla de Vallbona (Valencia, Spain) with two spaces for the training of professionals.

A first room with capacity for 100 people, where the theoretical part of the course takes place; and a second larger room to develop the practical part and that each student has enough space.