New anti-slip sealing varnish!

Topciment presents its new product within the Topsealer range. It is Topsealer WT Anti Slip, a polyurethane for sealing surfaces that need an extra grip.

Topsealer WT AntiSlip is a slightly alkaline two-component polyurethane, ideal for easily turning your surface into non-slip.

anti-slip varnish image

This new product from Topciment is indicated for the protection of microcement applied in damp areas (showers, kitchens, etc.) and also sloping areas or stairs.

Topsealer Anti Slip Image

It is applied in two coats using a short-haired microfiber roller.

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Roller for microcement

Short hair rollers made with polyester fiber that provide a uniform and extra fine finish. This product is especially recommended for our water-based sealers.