Vertical imprinted concrete: applications, benefits and molds

Imprinted concrete is a versatile material and, we could also say, multifunction capable of adapting to different textures, colors and surfaces to generate areas with a very high level of customization.

This decorative-constructive technique, as such, has been so successful due to its technical and aesthetic qualities that it brings to the spaces in which it decides to be used, generating innovations in said material, such as vertical imprinted concrete.

This is the one that is used on facades or walls of public or private areas and that creates walls, vertical surfaces, that can withstand in great conditions, without worsening their appearance, whatever the weather conditions or the blows or impacts they suffer.

What is vertical imprinted concrete?

The imprinted concrete is a set of pavement layers built on a vertical face coating, known as vertical stamped concrete, it has a wide range of reinforcements that can be mixed and matched between the pavement and other elements to create an aesthetic character and offer greater protection over long periods of time.

Thus, when applied to vertical surfaces, its field of application can be expanded, as it can cover walls such as facades or interiors that need to be coated with a material that provides an extra resistance and a decorative touch in its finishes, responding to the need to introduce new construction methods that allow to enhance the characteristics of any area.

This technique has many advantages but one of them is that, the vertical imprinted concrete, creates anchors on vertical surfaces, as it has a strong adherence between the compaction and the combination of the pressed concrete layer, which ultimately acts as a support of the same type, creating a beautiful visual impression.

vertical imprinted concrete in house with garden

The advantages of vertical imprinted concrete are many

This construction technique has many strong points that we want to detail so that you are aware of everything that this material can contribute to any space, interior or exterior, thanks to the virtues it has.

Mechanically resistant

Thanks to the anchoring system, its connection with the support is very easy and quick, which is possible due to its composition. In addition, when it comes into contact with the surface, it sets, creating greater hardness on it.

Therefore, when looking for an exterior coating that will not peel off in the future and that resists a multitude of threats that will last for a long time, it is one of the best options on the market.

Aesthetic versatility

Thanks to the multiple possibilities of color, texture and design, it can be adapted to any taste, always offering great performance. In such a way that it can, with its molds, imitate a large number of effects or textures, including natural wood or textile fabrics, among others.

As we said, vertical stamped concrete requires molds to be imprinted and achieve the desired finishes. When applied while the mortar is fresh, it becomes a very malleable material with which to achieve shapes that are impossible with others.

Very high durability

In addition to its wide range of aesthetic values, it is resistant to various environmental conditions so it can be exposed to the weather. It is a good benchmark for facades with a long lifespan, regardless of surface wear, which it tolerates perfectly.

Therefore, it is ideal for outdoor decoration without neglecting the interior, but this resistance to environmental conditions helps to reduce wear, as it has a low maintenance cost compared to other elements and ensures great finishes for many years.

Superior impermeability

When someone is looking for a material that prevents water leaks when applied, imprinted concrete is the perfect ally, as it completely prevents them.

Being a very durable material, like concrete, it can be a good tool to repair or cover any vertical or horizontal surface. The best results, thanks to its composition, will always be guaranteed.

Vertical imprinted concrete with orange-colored stone effect

Great useful life

The imprinted concrete has a high quality and, in addition, it is applied to surfaces in a very quick and simple way. Well, to all this, we must add that we are facing an absolute quality material that guarantees very durable finishes.

Excellent quality price

Its quality-price ratio makes it a compound whose use is increasing. This material ensures the best aesthetic and constructive qualities of any surface or space.

Simple cleaning

Because it is composed of natural ingredients but with great resistance, it is easy to clean, as just using pressurized water and a cleaning agent, this will remove dust, some puddles or the effects of environmental exposure. Even so, removing the dirt, it does not lose its shine, maintaining the beauty of the surfaces and supports, even if we use to remove the stains that may have acetic acid or hydrochloric acid or other much more aggressive cleaners. The vertical imprinted concrete will always show its shine and appearance.

Main uses of vertical imprinted concrete

Vertical relief concrete is considered a great aesthetic option, so its use on various surfaces inside or outside of any support has often increased, thanks to a large number of beneficial properties among which functionality, resistance and durability stand out.

Therefore, it has extended to the construction and decoration of exterior walls, walls, interior walls such as living rooms or kitchens, providing architectural styles between rustic and modern, so that it can be combined with any style that dominates the aesthetics of art architecture.

This coating represents a leap in quality, replacing materials that require more intensive care or constant maintenance, and a different perspective when choosing an application in construction or decoration, since, with vertical imprinted concrete, very different and original designs can be obtained.

By perfectly withstanding impacts or deformations over time, it becomes a material of great restorative utility being very easy to apply, leaving great results on any surface.

Next, we are going to see what are the main uses of this material or decorative technique.

  Vertical imprinted concrete with natural rock effect in a business


A pool is an environment with constant humidity. Therefore, this construction technique is often used to cover the walls around these areas that are going to withstand humidity like no other material in the sector.


Basements usually coexist with high humidity, practically, on a daily basis. These usually become dark and cold places, but with the use of vertical stamped concrete they maintain comfortable conditions for an unlimited time.


The kitchen is a place with a lot of daily traffic that usually withstands many grease stains and a large number of impacts. Because imprinted concrete is a material that is easy to clean, it can be used in both domestic kitchens and those in bars or restaurants.


The exterior of the building is the part that is most exposed to the adversities that occur outdoors. This construction technique is used for exterior walls of great exposure to protect that exterior part of houses or buildings.

Patios and gardens

These spaces also suffer a lot from exposure to UV rays and humidity provided by rain or, directly, by the environment. Imprinted concrete is used in these areas to provide aesthetic nuances related to nature, among others, and that will last for an unlimited time.

Vertical imprinted concrete molds: choose your favorite design

The molds for vertical imprinted concrete are one of the most important elements of this material, as they are what allow us to achieve the decorative finishes we want.

This is thanks to the infinity of models and designs that make up the Topciment range.

Nuestro catálogo de patrones es ideal para aplicar en paredes y otras superficies verticales. Una colección con diferentes diseños para lograr adaptarse al gusto de los usuarios y los requerimientos de los espacios.

Así, encontramos patrones que imitan materiales de la construcción para darle un aspecto parecido a otros materiales del mismo sector pero con las cualidades de resistencia y otros matices que tiene el hormigón impreso. Estos son el molde "ladrillo de pared" o "Laja de pared".

We also have other models that reproduce finishes of materials such as slate or stone or rock to achieve that resemblance to nature.

It is also important to bear in mind that just because a surface has a vertical orientation, it does not mean that the desired finishes cannot be achieved. This is thanks to the fact that the molds used for these types of surfaces are much lighter and have smaller dimensions. This allows the applicators or the professionals in charge to carry out their tasks easily to achieve the desired effects.

Vertical imprinted concrete in a house's living room

Colors of vertical microcement: a very extensive range

Vertical imprinted concrete can be pigmented in the same way as other materials used in the construction world can. Thus, thanks to this ability, with it very decorative finishes can be obtained that allow to customize all spaces, indoors or outdoors, to the maximum.

Being a material and a technique used especially for vertical surfaces such as facades, it has a chromatic range that includes colors ranging from gray to brick color, as we know it. Although there are also tones with different nuances between these two.

Of course, the colors used to pigment this material have the highest resistance, allowing the applied or coated areas not to suffer discoloration, maintaining their appearance, their nuances and their shine at all times, long after their coating.

Cost of m2 of vertical imprinted concrete: factors involved

Vertical imprinted concrete has a very competitive price if we look at all the features it has, both decoratively and constructively. To this we must add that to prepare a definitive budget for an application of this material, various factors must be studied.

Thus, among one of the most important, is the amount of surface that needs to be covered. In consideration, we have to say that the larger the surfaces, the cheaper the works or renovations turn out to be. This is because when ordering material in larger quantities, a greater profitability can be obtained.

Another variable that can affect the cost of the budget is the repair of the surface that is to be renovated. In case the area or support to be applied is in poor condition, with cracks or irregularities, it will need to be repaired so that the application process can be carried out without problems, the adherence of the mortar is ideal and the finishes are the ones sought.

Another very important aspect that can modify the final cost of a renovation with vertical imprinted concrete is the complexity of the work. The more difficult it is for professionals, the more the amount to pay will increase.

There are other factors that influence the obtaining of the final price such as, for example, the quality of the products used, the experience of the professionals or how much they have to travel from their base to the place of application.

How is vertical imprinted concrete made?

To apply a material like this, you just have to follow some simple steps, which we are going to explain below. In this way, you will see that although it is recommended to be applied by a professional, it is not difficult and the application processes are short.

1 - First of all, it is necessary to mix correctly so that the material is compacted until it presents a homogeneous appearance.

2 - It is key to control the thickness. Thus, after the first application, whose layer should be between 1 cm and 3 cm, it is necessary to ensure that the rest of the layers have the appropriate thickness.

3 - Before applying the molds, it is necessary to apply the release agent so that its imprint is perfectly printed and the moldings can be removed, at the end of this operation, without causing damage.

4 - Detail small imperfections while applying the molds and adding more small designs so that the final result is successful.

5 - Respect drying times. So, this is very important, because it is in this process that the material reaches its level of hardness.

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