What is the price of microcement per square metre in 2021?

Many factors determine the price of microcement: the quality of the material, the square metres of the surface to be covered or the complexity of the work. Read on to find out how much microcement costs in 2021.

Microcement is the coating of the moment. A construction material that has become fashionable in recent years in interior decoration, both in private homes and in large commercial premises (restaurants, hotels, factories, shopping centres and sports centres, among others).

A decorative trend on the rise thanks to its excellent qualities compared to other decorative coatings: high resistance to traffic, knocks, abrasion and even fire; it does not need expansion joints as it is a continuous coating; it adheres to the existing substrate so there is no need for building work; it requires almost no maintenance and offers a wide variety of finishes, among many other advantages.

For all these reasons and more, more and more construction professionals advocate this coating for application on floors, walls, stairs, swimming pools and even furniture. But how much does it cost to lay microcement? Read on to find out.

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Imagen de la sala de estar de la vivienda BHMM de Altea (España), cuyo suelo se ha revestido con nuestro microcemento.

Microcement price 2021

The price of microcement per square metre depends on many factors, but only a professional applicator will be able to determine the price per square metre of microcement accurately. The quality of the material, the square metres of the surface to be covered and the complexity of the work are just some of the elements that will determine the final cost of microcement.

In order to obtain a quality result and long-term guarantees in a work with microcement, three conditions are necessary: the correct preparation of the surface, the selection of a good decorative coating and the use of a qualified and experienced professional.

Below we explain everything you need to know about the price of microcement per square metre in 2021.

What elements affect the price of microcement?

Beyond the features and benefits that a coating can provide, the price of the same conditions the final choice to tackle a work. To determine the final price per m2 of microcement, the following elements must be taken into consideration:

Condition of the surface to be coated with microcement

One of the most important factors in gauging the price of microcement is the condition of the surface to be coated with this decorative coating. If the substrate is in a bad shape or the conditions are not the most suitable, it will be essential to work on preparing and conditioning it before applying the microcement. This will increase the price per square metre of the microcement and the labour costs.

+ info Previous treatment prior to the application of microcement.

For example, in the application of microcement for floors or microcement for walls on tiles, a series of steps must be taken to prevent the joints from marking and, therefore, the final cost is increased.

Complexity in applying microcement

The more complicated and difficult the work to be carried out, the more expensive the labour for the application of microcement will be as more hours of work will be required to carry out the renovation. Coating the walls of a bathroom with one or several pillars; microcement stairs; a washbasin or a countertop will require more laborious application as they are surfaces with more corners and edges. All this will result in the price of microcement being higher.

 Precio microcemento gris suelos y paredes
Dormitorio de estilo rústico con microcemento gris en suelo y paredes.

Microcement colours

The colours of microcement are also decisive. If you choose several pigments to cover the same room, the hours of work will increase as the professional will have to meticulously delimit the different areas to be treated using painter's tape. It will also be necessary to wait for the microcement colour to dry properly and protect it from staining before starting with the next pigment.

Square metres of microcement

As a general rule, the price of microcement per m2 will be lower the more square metres of surface to be coated. On the contrary, the smaller the surface area, the higher the price of microcement per square metre.

Why does this happen? Because there are fixed costs and working hours that do not depend directly on the square metres to be coated with microcement.

Professionalism of microcement applicators

Only an expert microcement applicator can guarantee the success of a work or renovation, as it is necessary to have specific training for the correct application of this decorative coating.

An expert who will control all types of microcement application, knowing at all times which work method is the most appropriate in each case and following all the steps scrupulously.

Quality of microcement

The quality of the material, of course, has a direct influence on the price of microcement. The better the performance of the microcement, the higher the cost.

In short, the price of microcement can vary depending on all the factors listed above. The final price in 2021 is between 60 and 100 euros per square metre, approximately. If you need more information about the price of microcement per square metre or to request a personalised quote, do not hesitate to contact us.

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