Price of microcement

The Price of microcement depends on several factors, so trying to answer this question is complex.

Only a professional microcement applicator knows the exact prices per m2 (travel, material, value of his work, difficulty of the work, etc...).

To obtain a quality result with long-term guarantees, three conditions are necessary: the correct preparation of the substrate, the choice of a good product and the choice of a qualified and experienced professional

State and nature of the surface to be coated with microcement
If the substrate is in poor condition or the conditions are not appropriate, work must be done to prepare it and condition it before applying the coating.

This will increase the price of the material and labour.

+ infoConditions prior to the application of microcement.

For example, if we want to apply microcement for floors or microcement for walls on tiles, so that the joints are not marked, it is necessary to follow some steps, which increase the work and increase the final cost.

Complexity in the application of microcement
When the work is more complex and difficult, labour becomes more expensive as more working hours are required to carry out the work. The walls of a bathroom with one or more pillars, stairs, a washbasin or a worktop are examples of a laborious application as they are small surfaces with more corners and edges, in which the use of the trowel is more complex and therefore more costly.

The use of different colours in the same environment also increases the hours of work as it is necessary to meticulously delimit the different areas using painter's tape. It is necessary to wait for the colour applied to dry properly and protect it from staining before starting the next one.

Price of microcement

Total metres to be executed
Generally, the more metres to be covered, the lower the price of microcement per m2, and conversely, the smaller the surface area, the higher the price per m2.

This happens because there are fixed costs and times (working hours) that do not depend directly on the metres to be coated.

Professionalism of the applicators
Only in expert hands is microcement a coating with Guarantees. It requires specific training and attention to detail.

A professional applicator must control all types of microcement application, knowing which working method to follow in each case and following the steps scrupulously. Respecting the application steps is essential for a good result.

Quality of the materials
Topciment is the microcement manufacturer in Spain with the most years of experience in the market. It manufactures all the products it sells except for the tools and accessories. Otherwise it would be very difficult to control the quality of the entire system. When Topciment offers a guarantee, it cannot take the risk of any of the components failing, as the whole system would fail. An example of this is the Topsealer WT varnishes developed specifically for microcement and which enjoy great international prestige. 

Obviously quality has a higher production cost, and therefore a higher price that not all customers will be willing to pay. Microcemento Topciment does not compete on price but on quality, which is why it does not skimp on the latest generation of additives and production processes.

The customer must know how to value the quality of the product as much as the know-how of a good professional. All products or services have a price that can vary. If you do not know a professional of microcement we advise you to always ask for three budgets and always discard the cheapest one.