Topciment recommends Festool for perfect application

A good application of microcement is conditioned by several factors, among which it is essential to have quality products, which must be combined with a professional who masters the application technique, but also uses the best tools to achieve an extraordinary finish. The combination of Topciment products and Festool machines makes for guaranteed successful applications.

The Topciment application method requires different tools for each step. Depending on the steps of our application process, we recommend the following Festool machines:


Mixers and Agitators MX:


Excellent machines for uniform mixing and easy to work with. Its ErgoFix system allows you to adapt the height of the rod to avoid back injuries. In addition, the manufacture of its rubber edges is designed to withstand possible impacts and strong blows.

Rods can be incorporated without the use of tools. Specifically, the HS helical rods are perfectly adapted to the machines and are capable of moving up to 60kg of material.

They are ideal for heavy and viscous mixes, such as Microcements, self-levelling or epoxy resins.

Mezcladoras y Agitadores MX de Festool

ROTEX eccentric sanding machines:


This model of machine is the best for sanding microcement and removing imperfections and reliefs.

It is a fundamental tool in the finishing of the application process. It stands out for its ergonomic handle, the ease with which it can be changed from one plate to another and the possibility of performing three types of movements to achieve sanding effects: coarse, fine or polished.

We recommend that the blue ROTEX sanding disc, with the necessary hardness for Topciment micro-mortars, be fitted to the sander. 

With the aim of high performance sanding, with the highest possible quality and with the health of the user in mind, Festool has patented the MULTI-JETSTREAM system, which allows constant air regeneration, cooling of the machine and reduction of blockages. 

Lijadoras excéntricas ROTEX para microcemento

CLEANTEC mobile systems:

Modern vacuum cleaners with which you can achieve exquisite cleaning at record speed.

Modern hoovers with which you can achieve exquisite cleaning at record speed.

It is the best way to avoid dirt clouds while working. Likewise, it prevents continuous dust inhalation that can cause harmful effects on the health of people who use sanders on a daily basis.

On the other hand, its design is designed for comfortable transport, as it has a sturdy structure, large wheels and steel axles to avoid damaging it during the journey and prevent it from tipping over. 


The results of using these tools together with Topciment products for the application of microcement are the highest possible quality work, clean and healthy. 

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