Microcement in Birmingham: Decorative coatings for floors and walls

At Topciment® we have been dedicated to manufacturing high performance microcement systems that help improve the quality of people's lives no matter where they are applied for over 20 years.

During this time we have dedicated ourselves to creating increasingly innovative products that set us apart from the competition, which has allowed us to become a reference for customers and different professionals in the sector.

Thus, we have earned the trust of architects, applicators, builders, interior designers and other professionals in the sector thanks to coatings that help to cover indoor and outdoor surfaces in vertical and horizontal areas, giving them hardness and beauty in equal parts.

As a result, more and more homes, commercial, industrial and workplaces are being clad with microcement in Birmingham and the surrounding area, helping to create more beautiful spaces in the area.

 Microcement terrace in Birmingham

Microcement: stylish coating for durable surfaces

Microcement is a material that allows for completely smooth finishes thanks to its 3 mm thickness. This thinness makes it lightweight and allows it to be applied on any desired surface as its presence does not affect structural loads at all.

Its composition, made up of aggregates, resins, water and mineral pigments, conceals properties that we could practically say are exclusive to a material whose subtle presence fills rooms with personality and functionality.

This lightness is combined with a very high adherence that makes it adaptable to any material without having to demolish and generate rubble to completely renovate a surface. Thus, it adapts perfectly to marble, terrazzo, plaster, plasterboard, plaster, granite or cement, preparing them minimally before the new application.

Its versatility is so high that even ceilings, stairs, swimming pools, even furniture can be renovated regardless of their interior or exterior location or whether they are domestic or work places.

In short, this is a covering full of technical qualities, such as its multiple resistances, and decorative qualities thanks to the large number of colours in which it is available and the numerous finishes to choose from.

  Attic in Birmingham with microcement floor

The great benefits of microcement in interiors and exteriors

Microcement is a material with a constructive essence that also has great decorative attributes. This makes it a perfectly suitable cladding for both interiors and exteriors, and you will see this in the following brief review of its advantages.

Ease of creating continuous spaces

Microcement is able to join vertical and horizontal surfaces to create a single one that fills spaces with a pleasant sensation of infinity with a surprisingly fast application process that allows you to enjoy the new rooms.

Endless possibilities for customisation

When covering surfaces with a material such as microcement, the decorative limits lie in the creativity of the customer or decorator. The different granulometries in which it is available, together with all the colours in which it can be chosen, make it possible to create a different world regardless of the location.

Multiple resistances

Microcement has chemical and mechanical resistances that protect any surface from abrasion, traffic, running water, humidity, UV rays, without allowing cracks, fissures and crevices to appear.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

This continuous coating, when properly applied, is easy to clean and maintain. To clean it, you can opt for traditional methods such as neutral pH soap and water or our specialised cleaners for thorough cleaning. On the other hand, to keep it looking as good as new, just use our waxes from time to time to keep walls and floors looking as good as new.

Unbeatable value for money

Taking into account all the benefits of this material and its cost, we can deduce that its quality is much higher than what it costs. But, if we think that to these technical characteristics we add other variables such as the fact that the execution times required are much shorter, that the labour required is little and that it is not necessary to have machinery to renovate spaces, its price is very competitive.

  Hotel in Birmingham with microcement on the floor

Our microcements are recognised worldwide.

At Topciment®, we apply all the know-how we have accumulated over almost 20 years to create products of the highest quality in the decorative coatings sector. This track record and way of doing things has led us to become a market reference and to achieve ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Microcements in Birmingham: Topciment range

Our microcement portfolio is so extensive that professionals in Birmingham will be able to achieve the finish they want no matter what the surface. We have products with very specific characteristics to adapt to any space and be able to make the most of them, both constructively and decoratively.

Microbase, universal preparation microcement

A successful application depends directly on the right substrate preparation and, for that, there is nothing like the Microbase preparation microcement. This floor and wall coating is capable of consolidating any surface because it is very hard.

Available as a single-component and as a two-component, the granulometries in which it can be chosen give rustic finishes that even make it a microcement finish for some professionals.

Microfino, natural vertical finishes

The manufacture of this finishing microcement has one mission: to create finishes full of contrasts and with the possibility of creating water effects on walls and other vertical areas.

Three granulometries to achieve natural finishes and soft touches with a material full of hardness that provides great chemical and mechanical resistance to the point that some professionals use it to cover floors.

Microdeck, resistance on horizontal surfaces

Finishes with anti-slip characteristics, abrasion and traffic resistance make it a perfect microcement for achieving the desired finish in both interiors and exteriors.

It is capable of creating naturally slip-free surfaces without the need to apply other specialised products as well as creating special effects such as those achieved with the "fresco on fresco" technique. It is available as a single-component and as a two-component.

  Restaurant in Birmingham with microcement on the walls

Atlanttic, swimming pools full of sophistication

This two-component microcement has been designed for swimming pools and can cover any and all surfaces. Thus, pool, crown or curb can be filled with anti-slip and waterproof qualities in which, even if the coated surfaces are submerged, they resist for an unlimited time.

Atlanttic is a material prepared to fill with safety and elegance these areas or others such as fountains, ponds or saunas, achieving finishes in which the distinction is always present.

Microstone, terraces and façades forever

This two-component microcement is the most suitable of all our range to apply in outdoor spaces. This is due to its high resistance to rain, thermal variations and UV rays. In addition to this strength to weather conditions that can occur outdoors, we must add its ability to create anti-slip surfaces and with very different finishes thanks to all the granulometries in which it is available.

Industtrial, the toughest microcement epoxy

There are areas such as car parks, warehouses or large surfaces that need extra strength. This is provided by our microcement composed of aggregates and epoxy resin. A product that also provides a great impermeability both for floors and walls, always indoors. In addition to the technical capabilities it provides, it is a great decorative coating thanks to the granulometries and the 16 colours in which it is available.

Efectto Quartz, ready to use in any area

This is a product that comes ready-mixed, making it much easier for applicators, reducing application time and the risk of making mistakes. In addition to its ease of use, its versatility means that it can be applied to both indoor and outdoor floors and walls. With only three coats, instead of 4 as is the case with its counterparts on the market.

Natture, highly workable lime-based microcement

This lime-based conformal coating stands out for its exceptional workability and hardness. Thanks to its composition, it ensures an almost non-existent shrinkage and, thus, the non-appearance of cracks. Its aesthetic qualities make it possible to achieve different finishes such as tadelakt, fair-faced concrete or stucco, always with an impressive natural appearance.

House in Birmingham with microcement shower

Our range of multi-finish decorative coatings

At Topciment® we also have a range of decorative coatings to achieve a variety of aesthetic finishes so that no two surfaces in the world are the same. With these high quality decorative coatings you can achieve unique visual effects that no other product can achieve.

Paints for metallic finishes

When we talk about metallic finishes, we are talking about a type of decorative finish that is increasingly in demand by decoration professionals. So, as we at Topciment are guided by the latest trends, we decided to create a range of high quality products with which to achieve unique shines and contrasts that lead to visual delight.

Thus, we created Pure Mettal, a two-component product containing metallic powder particles and organic hybrid resin, and Classic Mettal, similar in composition to its two-component counterpart but formulated as ready-to-use, so that it can be used just by uncorking the bucket.

Paints for rust effects

As time goes by, the vintage style is gaining more and more followers. Both professionals and private individuals are opting for it in renovations or new constructions to create spaces in which the modern blends with the old, giving rise to spectacular combinations of furniture and other objects with rust-effect walls. To achieve this type of effect there is nothing better than our rust accelerator, Mettal Activator, which when in contact with our metallic paints allows us to achieve finishes which, when we see them, take us back in time.

Paints for tiles

Painting bathroom or kitchen tiles is a quick, economical and clean way to completely change the look of these rooms. With Emottion, in record time, spaces can be easily renovated thanks to its great adhesion, both on vertical and horizontal surfaces, allowing it to be applied on floors or walls with total effectiveness on both. As it does not need priming, its application process is very easy but it also has other advantages afterwards as it is very resistant to running water and UV rays, guaranteeing its original appearance for a long time in the areas it covers.

Decorative enamels

Elitte is what is called in any artistic or decorative field, the finishing touch. It is within our range of decorative enamels that are applied in the last instance to ensure that the finishes achieved by the applicator enhance their aesthetic qualities and, moreover, that they are maintained for an unlimited period of time.

Printed concrete

At Topciment we are specialists in all types of decorative coatings, not only in microcements. Thus, within our product catalogue you can also find a material that has great aesthetic and decorative properties. We are talking about printed concrete.

This highly resistant material is widely used outdoors, specifically on terraces, thanks to its hardness and ability to withstand the environmental conditions that occur outdoors and its ability to imitate textures of materials such as wood, brick, natural stone and many others, thanks to the range of moulds that we have.

Flat with microcement in Birmingham

Bespoke surfaces with microcement in Birmingham

At Topciment® we are experts in manufacturing products with which to create bespoke surfaces. We create solutions with both technical and decorative properties that, when used by our team of professional applicators, become the necessary materials for any room or space, whether residential, domestic or professional.

In this way, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, attics, walls, floors, stairs in art galleries, museums, hotels, shops, offices, factories, garages, etc. can change their appearance by applying our microcement systems both indoors and outdoors.

We create areas where beauty and strength combine to create durable surfaces with an exclusive style, to suit each client's taste.

The walls you want

This type of surface becomes the perfect showcase for both demonstrating the properties of a product such as microcement and showcasing your decorating skills. These areas are elevated allowing clear visual contact to be established where custom finishes can be seen at a glance.

Microcement staircases to your liking

This construction element can also have a great decorative weight in a home or other type of space. Thus, microcement can make these architectural structures a component to be taken into account in the overall style as it can contribute to creating more modern, even futuristic, atmospheres.

 Birmingham restaurant with microcement staircase

Microcement flooring in Birmingham: subtlety and style

Microcement has become one of today's most widely used building materials with the highest decorative value. As such, it is an ideal covering for use in flooring.

As these are trafficable surfaces, they need to have a series of superior resistances to avoid the appearance of irregularities or damage such as cracks or fissures that can arise due to high traffic, both of people and vehicles, of greater or lesser weight. These qualities, those necessary to resist any threat, can be provided by microcement. Thus, thanks to this strength, floors covered with this material remain in perfect condition for a long time.

This means that we are also dealing with an obviously decorative material, capable of preserving its finishes and colours for a long time. Moreover, it is extremely easy to maintain, so that every day it looks like the first time it was applied.

Another aspect to highlight is its cleanliness, which is very important for large areas such as floors. In addition to the ease with which cleaning products can be chosen, there are no joints, a factor that not only provides continuity and makes spaces larger, but also prevents dirt from becoming encrusted.

Open kitchen with microcement floor in Birmingham

Microcement colours for a unique Birmingham

One of the reasons why microcement is such a versatile decorative material is the wide variety of colours in which it is available. In fact, our colour palette is made up of over 40 different shades so that our wallcoverings can be adapted to suit any style.

As they are high quality natural pigments, they maintain their initial intensity over time and are resistant to sun and water exposure, showing their brightness both indoors and outdoors.

In addition to this, new shades of each microcement can be created to make Birmingham surfaces totally unique.

The most competitively priced microcement in Birmingham

The price of microcement is one thing and the cost of a microcement application is quite another. So, while at Topciment® we will always guarantee a very competitive price for our products, different factors must be analysed to determine the total cost of the refurbishment.

Among these, it is necessary to take into account the size of the surface to be covered, bearing in mind that the larger it is, the more economical it is. On the other hand, in this aspect it is necessary to see if the area is damaged and needs repairing; this will increase the final cost.

The number of applicators that will be needed to carry out the application is also a very important variable to take into account as well as their experience and quality.

In any case, ask for a quote if you need to renovate a space, at Topciment® we prepare individualised quotes according to your specific needs. Ask for yours and our specialists will prepare it in the shortest possible time.

Office with microcement in Birmingham

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