Microcement Bradford - High-performance concrete for walls and floors

At Topciment® we have been experts in the production, design and marketing of microcement for more than 17 years. Over time, we have become one of the leading international companies in the decorative sector, offering products that speak for themselves, of guaranteed quality, which give us the opportunity to achieve the maximum satisfaction of our customers and collaborators through outstanding results that can be seen on floors, walls and all kinds of surfaces.

Our main objective? Trust. From the beginning we had already defined the path we would follow to achieve our goals, through effort and, above all, a lot of passion and enthusiasm to learn more. This has given us a wide international presence as well as an admirable network of distributors and applicators in some of the most influential cities in the world.

In order to continue to grow, it is essential to maintain the links we have formed in the past, and to keep on constantly attracting new specialists to our company. We have great respect for the trust they have placed in us, which is born of time and experience, but also of the security we provide on first impressions through certificates such as ISO 9001:2015, a distinctive seal of quality that few companies can boast and which affirms our professionalism as a microcement company in Bradford and around the world.

Over time, an increasing variety of professional profiles have decided to work with us. In microcement, they find a first class product and in us, a company that is dedicated to it and backed by its many years of experience and success. Architects, designers, construction companies, interior designers, private individuals? They are a small example of those who choose to work hand in hand with us.

We have highly qualified professionals and state-of-the-art facilities that ensure our efficiency in the whole process, from the preparation of the microcement to the final application. Almost 20 years of experience teach you that, in order to grow, we must strive to be in constant movement in order to encourage our constant evolution, both technologically and professionally. This way of acting has paid off from the very first moment, a fact that has been recognised by awarding us the title of Innovative SME, a seal that we are proud to accept and which encourages us to continue growing.

Linked dining room with terrace decorated with wicker, wood and microcement in Bradford.

Microcement: the cladding for professionals

Most of you will know what it is and others will have heard of it at some point. We are here to clear up any doubts about this fantastic covering, microcement, a decorative covering that in recent years has been gaining great fame thanks to the considerable benefits it brings to specialists.

This material allows decorative renovations to be carried out simply and quickly and, best of all, guarantees highly decorative results. Its minimal thickness, only 2-3 mm thick, is one of its star properties, to which is added its fantastic adhesion, characteristics that allow it to adapt directly to the existing material no matter what it is: marble, plasterboard, plaster, concrete, metal, tiles, ceramics, brick, stone...

These characteristics make it possible to speed up the processes, as it avoids generating debris and provides finishes in record time. Its very light weight does not affect the infrastructures where it is applied and allows all types of surfaces to be covered: floors, walls, ceilings, stairs, furniture...

A decorative material of great resistance and decorative variety, the symbiosis between aesthetics and functionality, with which to obtain attractive and totally exclusive environments. Our large number of microcement lines means that there are no limits for us, thanks to the fact that we have a type for every situation: swimming pools, exteriors, indoor areas, showers, industrial areas, etc. Their qualities vary depending on the environment to be decorated, always ensuring top quality results.

Reasons why we are the most skilful with microcement in Bradford

How do you define the quality of a company - by its experience, its product? Or perhaps by its customer service? The answer is by each of these things, but with one detail, each and every part must be fulfilled in order to really be a fully competent company. It is not enough to have only a quality product, the dedication must be contemplated throughout the whole process and only in this way can we ensure that customers and professionals are completely satisfied. At Topciment we are very clear about our aim to continue to guarantee our professionalism as a microcement company in Bradford, which we demonstrate below:

 Designer kitchen with black worktops and microcement flooring in Bradford.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

We are proud to say that our way of doing things has been recognised by being awarded the ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate, a majestic seal that very few companies can boast and which puts us in a class of our own as producers, designers and sellers of microcement.

Innovative SME Seal

Evolution does not come by itself, time is essential to learn and achieve more efficient services. It is necessary to make an effort to invest in the company's technologies and facilities in order to ensure sublime quality products. A fact that has earned us recognition as an Innovative SME, underlining our strong track record both professionally and entrepreneurially.

Personalised advice

As we said, we try to carry out everything that depends on us with the utmost dedication. In this way, we seek that professionals and any company or person who works with us feel confident in full conditions, and for this, we have a technical service from the hand of our highly qualified professionals who are responsible for resolving any doubts.

Are you renovating a place? Microcement has the properties you need

Did you think you already knew everything about this decorative coating? Well, it's only just beginning. If microcement in Bradford is booming, it is not purely by chance, but because of the great virtues that professionals are appreciating in it. Here are some of the most relevant properties and characteristics of this material:

Unparalleled adhesiveness

As we have already mentioned, microcement is a product with an incredible adhesion capacity, which allows the professional to work with more ease and simplicity, being able to apply it directly on the existing support and saving a great deal of time in the installation.

Grand hotel entrance with bar and ceiling and microcement flooring in Bradford.

Goodbye to untimely drops

At Topciment we are clear about one thing: for a product to be first class, it must guarantee maximum safety wherever it is installed. For this reason we have created a microcement that prevents slipping as much as possible, avoiding any type of accident in environments where this can be catastrophic, such as industrial areas, hospitals, kitchens, nurseries, swimming pools, bathrooms, residences, etc.

Moisture is no longer a problem

In a place like Bradford, where the Mediterranean climate generates high ambient humidity, it is essential to have a covering such as our microcement with high resistance to humidity. A material that is naturally resistant to damp environments, but which can also be enhanced by the use of varnishes and sealants, making it almost impermeable.

Long service life

In terms of resistance, it is a material that shines with its own light, since, apart from its great impermeability, this coating is also resistant to UV rays, abrasion, wear and tear due to pedestrian traffic, temperature changes, stains, knocks and scratches. A product with outstanding mechanical and chemical resistance, guaranteeing great durability.

Surfaces with personality

In order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, we have a large number of microcement lines that ensure highly personalised results tailored to each customer's tastes. Colours, designs, finishes, textures? A whole series of aesthetic properties totally to your choice.

No more joints

We could say that this is one of its star properties, jointless surfaces. Microcement stands out for being a continuous covering, which means that it offers infinite finishes and is free of grooves, generating very elegant and attractive environments. In addition to this, it is more hygienic, as it avoids the accumulation of dirtv

 Bedroom with adjoining shower room clad in microcement in Bradford.

Our masters train professionals at all levels

Experience and knowledge, two indispensable elements to enhance professional development, which is what we have. Thus, after almost 20 years of dedication to microcement, we have become true experts in this coating. Now, we transmit this knowledge through microcement courses for professionals who want to continue polishing their skills or who, on the contrary, want to get started in the world of microcement.

The training courses are divided into different levels, from less to more specialised, generating a content that is totally adapted to the level of the professional, guaranteeing their learning.

We have experienced and highly trained teachers, who know the product to perfection and will teach you different knowledge, techniques and tips that will be very useful in your work.

Are you looking for further professional development? Contact us using the form below, one of our professionals will assist you and help you in detail.

Restaurant decorated with white and dark tones and microcement flooring in Bradford.

Bespoke finishes with our extensive selection of microcements in Bradford

We have a wide and varied range of high quality microcements that will guarantee exclusive finishes adapted to the wishes of each client. Their properties make them tailor-made coatings to meet the most specific and demanding needs.


We present our most traditional line of microcement, made from cement and now available in both single-component (Evoluttion) and two-component (Sttandard ). This coating stands out for its surprising resistance and hardness, ideal for application in the preparation phase. On the other hand, it can also be used as a finish, creating atmospheres full of texture and with a rustic effect. Available in grain sizes L, XL and XXL.


Microfino microcement is available in single-component (Evoluttion) and two-component (Sttandard) and is specialised for use on non-trafficable surfaces such as ceilings and walls. Its capabilities include mechanical and chemical resistance, which has led more and more professionals to extend its use to walkable surfaces as well, resulting in highly sophisticated finishes. Purchase it in XS, S and M granulometries.


The Microdeck line of microcement, in contrast to the previous one, is intended for use on floors and walkable areas. Available in single-component (Evoluttion) and two-component (Sttandard , it is known for its high resistance to abrasion and pedestrian traffic, as well as for its slip-resistant surface finish. Grit sizes in M and L.


For anyone planning to renovate an outdoor area, we have our specialised Microstone line of microcement. A marvellous cladding that blends in perfectly with its surroundings as it has an aesthetic that resembles natural rock. It surprises with its non-slip finish and resistance to abrasion, guaranteeing maximum safety when the floor is wet. Coating in grain sizes: L and XL.

 Restaurant with bathroom and waiting room completely covered with microcement in Bradford.

Atlanttic Aquaciment®

Our Atlanttic Aquaciment® line, specialised for covering wet areas or areas in direct contact with water, thanks to its great waterproofing and anti-slip properties, which are enhanced when in contact with water, making it the ideal product for covering swimming pools, bathrooms, showers, terraces, fountains, etc.

Its aesthetics are also surprising, providing luxurious results with fine finishes of great decorative value. Available in the following granulometries: XXL and XL.


With Industtrial we find a microcement of great resistance and hardness to pedestrian traffic and abrasion, made from an innovative formula composed of epoxy resin and aggregate. This coating has been created to withstand great pressures on it, which makes it an ideal product to be applied in interiors where there are heavy loads such as heavy machinery, for example.

This line is available in 16 different colours and 4 granulometries: Industtrial XL, Industtrial Base, Industtrial Medium and Industtrial Smooth.

Quartz Effectto

The Efectto Quartz microcement line offers a coating free of cements that could lead to possible shrinkage or cracks. A ready-to-use product that stands out for its simple and quick application, which makes it the most suitable for the decoration of houses that are already inhabited.


One of our most unique microcement lines, Natture, made from lime, offers a product that is different from the rest, similar to tadelakt, but with much greater properties in terms of hardness, standing out for its mechanical and chemical resistance. With Natture we create unique environments, which rescue an aesthetic of the past with the aim of generating attractive and modern environments. Product with grain size in XL, L, M and S.

House in grey tones and triple height all in microcement in Bradford.

We manufacture printed concrete and many other decorative options

Our catalogue does not only offer microcement, we go much further in order to respond to all the demands that arise, that is why we manufacture many other decorative options in order to respond to every demand.

Printed concrete, highly versatile coating

In printed concrete we find one of the most demanded coatings by professionals. It is a material that stands out for its great resistance and hardness that guarantees versatile finishes and beautiful aesthetics.

It is a product made from water, binder, aggregates and some additives. Its characteristics highlight its great versatility to offer aesthetic results in imitation of other materials such as: brick, wood, cobblestones, cement, slate, tiles, among many others.

Elitte, the exclusive line of metallic glazes

With the line of metallic glazes, Elitte, creativity is born alone. A unique product with which to create spaces in a different tone to the rest. It can be used for both non-trafficable and trafficable surfaces and the result will reflect wonderful metallic (Glaze) or glitter (Glitter) effects.

Emottion, tile paint without primer

Our advanced tile paint line, Emottion, excels in producing highly decorative results without the need for primer application. A product that is highly resistant to abrasion, running water and scratches, as well as UV light. All these properties make it the perfect material for decorating both exterior and interior areas.

Despite being created as a paint for tiles, it can also be applied on: metal, plaster, microcement, plasterboard, concrete, wood, etc. An easy to use and extra fast drying product, available in 10 different colours.

Hotel with bar and central stairs clad in microcement in Bradford.

Mettal range, Classic Mettal paint and Pure Mettal coating

Classic Mettal and Pure Mettal are our innovative metallic effect product ranges to create environments with a distinguished appearance. Two materials that can be applied both outdoors and indoors, creating attractive and elegant environments.

Among their qualities is the possibility of adding a different aesthetic touch, through the use of Mettal Activator, a rust activator that will make it possible to achieve surfaces in an industrial style, to give rooms a vintage air.

We make Bradford microcement thrive, be part of it

Since 2005 we have been dedicated to the development, design and marketing of microcement and other decorative coatings, focusing on specialised companies or professionals seeking to achieve high performance results through their trust in us.

We have earned recognition as one of the world's leading microcement companies through continuous effort and experience. In addition to this, there are those who have placed their trust in us by becoming Topciment distributors.

By collaborating with us, your advantages and opportunities are extended, obtaining tools that allow the professional advancement of the company such as: transport aids, advertising material, training, communication support, etc.

Would you like to be one of our microcement distributors in Bradford? Fill in the form and our experts will tell you how to do it.

 Kitchen/dining room with long table and microcement floor in Bradford.

Make your wishes come true: a vast range of customised colours

At Topciment® we have a wide range of pigment pastes in more than 30 shades that give us the opportunity to achieve unlimited and personalised decorative finishes for each project.

We have two lines of liquid colourants: The first is Arcocem WT Basic, followed by Arcocem WT Plus. The wide range of colours of Arcocem WT Basic serves as a base to form the microcement pigments of Arcocem WT Plus. This second line consists of single-dose pigment pastes from which the Topciment® colour chart is formed.

We also have an advanced pigmentation system that allows us to create all kinds of customised colours in order to achieve the results expected by our customers.

 Company office with woodland views and microcement floor in Bradford.

Let's talk about your decorating project

Give the green light to your project and put yourself in reliable hands like ours. Our work philosophy and experience will guarantee success. You will have our attention at all times for any kind of detail.

Fill in the form below to contact us and one of our experts will get back to you by phone or email as soon as possible to help you with any queries. We look forward to meeting you and becoming your trusted microcement company in Bradford.