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Since 2005, we have been carrying out projects with stamped concrete all over Cambridge: Cambridge city, Girton, Milton, Histon and Impington, Fulbourn, Great and Little Shelford, etc. Residential and commercial renovation projects where our certified applicators completely utilize the products we manufacture. The quality of our products, the expertise of our applicators, and the experience of our sales team are what best define us. We are a verified brand, leaders in the production of stamped concrete in the UK. We assure enduring and seamless decorative coverings, as well as complimentary technical advice from start to finish. We enjoy listening to our clients and supporting them beyond the project to fulfill their needs. We specialize in the sale, training, and application of stamped concrete in Cambridge. The systems we offer are customized to the needs of each project to make it unique. We assist you in swiftly and efficiently realizing your projects.
Gray microcement pool with double height

What is microcement?

Microcement is a continuous finish that can be applied to all kinds of surfaces and rooms: walls, floors, ceilings, stairs, bathrooms, swimming pools, kitchens, etc. This characteristic allows for time and money savings, compared to other finishes, and has rocketed its popularity. It's a finish made from cement, resins, pigments, and additives that provides a unique look due to its artisanal application process. It adheres excellently and can be used on a vast array of materials including stamped concrete, tiles, plaster, gypsum, metals, marble, and gresite among others. This thin coating, only between 2 and 3 mm, has gained significance in the realm of interior design in recent years as an increasing number of architects, interior designers, and decorators choose microcement for all kinds of renovations in homes and businesses. The absence of expansion joints results in a smooth and uninterrupted surface, adding a sense of spaciousness, brightness, and elegance to any space it's applied in. This lack of joints also facilitates cleaning and maintenance, as it prevents dirt accumulation.
Infinity-pool style white microcement pool

Applicators of microcement in Cambridge

If you're in the market for micro-cement installers in Cambridge, you've come to the right place. Our proficiency in applying micro-cement, the superior performance of the materials we use, along with the training we at Topciment provide to our partner installers, guarantee the excellence of our work. Whether you want to totally renovate your home or if you are a proprietor of a hotel, restaurant, commercial establishment, office or any other kind of business; our micro-cement installers in Cambridge will evaluate your situation to provide you with the most competitive quote possible. Because for us, client gratification is of utmost importance. We've been performing micro-cement works in the region of Cambridge for 17 years. Comprehensive refurbishments of residences and establishments for private individuals and corporations. Our micro-cement installers in Cambridge are skilled professionals who pay meticulous attention to the smallest details to ensure absolute perfection in the final result.
Upper floor dwelling with microcement floor in Granada

Microcement courses in Cambridge

At Topciment, we're committed to educating our partner applicators in Cambridge, as the innovative products we create are continuously evolving and enhancing their chemical and mechanical resistances. This also extends to the introduction of new products each year. For these reasons, we regularly hold microcement courses at our Cambridge facilities, where we provide practical and educational training on the various techniques for applying our products. The new skills they acquire allow them to deliver excellent service on projects. In addition, our distributors also offer microcement application courses in Cambridge for professionals wanting to learn how to work with our microcements. Interested? Get in touch with us for information on our upcoming course dates.
Spacious living room with microcement floor

Prices of microcement in Cambridge

The cost of microcement in Cambridge per square meter relies on several factors. Firstly, the state of the surface that will be covered with microcement, whether it needs any prior repairs which would raise the end price. The intricacy of the project is also a consideration. The more difficult the task, the pricier it becomes. Similarly, the size of the area to be covered is fundamental in this context. To provide the most competitive price feasible, we lower the cost the larger the area to be coated with microcement. And of course, travelling expenses. However, owning microcement stores in Cambridgeshire's most vital cities, this doesn't cause any problems. Generally, considering these elements, the cost of microcement in Cambridge ranges between approximately 60 and 100 euros per square meter.
Industrial epoxy microcement

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