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Microcement is a continuous coating of vital importance in large decoration projects. A prominence that it has been acquiring over the years due to its versatility of application as well as the resistance and functionality that this distinctive material offers in the long term.

At Topciment® we have been specialising in the field of low thickness flooring and wall coverings for almost 20 years. Since 2005 we have not ceased to innovate in terms of decorative solutions, significantly expanding the range of options from which the customer can choose.

A tradition that has led us to become the undisputed leaders not only of microcement in London, but also international level, where we have distributors throughout France, Germany, Australia, United States, Canada, China... A vast trajectory in which we have earned the trust of our customers for the quality of the products we manufacture, but also for the technical service we put at their disposal.

A journey that would not have been possible without them and that has led us to expand internationally in more than 60 countries, registering the Topciment® brand in Europe, China and the United States. A trust placed in us that confirms that we say what we do and do what we say. Our products have the CE marking, microcements and other decorative coatings whose quality is more than demonstrated with the ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

house with staircase and microcement flooring in London

Microcement, an exceptional continuous coating

Microcement is a coating that stands out for its handmade application, its thickness of barely three millimetres, the fact that it does not require joints and its rapid renovation of spaces.

Low-thickness decorative continuous cladding is created with practically no impact on the structural load of the substrate. But its great added value lies in its installation without building work or rubble, being laid directly on the material without having to remove it.

Continuity in design and speed of application

As mentioned above, microcement allows a room to be visually unified quickly. Distinctions and elements of rupture disappear, as a single wall or floor covering is formed.

An advantage that brings light and spaciousness, not to mention the considerable savings in the execution of any self-respecting project, as it is not limited to the use of machinery and the more than tedious clearing of rubble that other materials require. The rooms remain habitable at all times.

A great capacity for adaptation: completely customisable

To speak of microcement is to speak of versatility. It is a highly versatile decorative continuous coating that adapts perfectly to any context in a way that few other materials do. None like this covering.

With microcement you can emulate any decorative style with which you want to impregnate the room: rustic, Nordic, minimalist, vintage and many more. A perfectly compatible product for walls and floors, and even furniture and swimming pools, so it can be applied both indoors and outdoors. But also, and this is one of its most outstanding singularities, it can be laid on a wide range of materials: marble, granite, terrazzo, ceramic, concrete, tiles, etc., without the need for building work.

house in London with microcement flooring and walls

No fissures or cracks

The hypothetical cracking and appearance of cracks in microcement flooring is one of the supposed problems that concern users when choosing this material. If the substrate is consolidated, a quality microcement is applied and the minimum care and maintenance tasks are carried out (which are practically scarce), these are just hypotheses and assumptions.

At Topciment® we guarantee that our microcements in London will neither crack nor fissure, as long as they are applied meticulously and all our instructions and suggestions are followed.

Resistant, but really tough

The microcements we manufacture have very good chemical and mechanical resistance, the most important being their tolerance to abrasive wear, traffic and impact, running water and ambient humidity, cleaners and UV light, among many others. Coatings that can create anti-slip and waterproof finishes.

Money Saving

Its application without building work considerably reduces not only the execution time of the microcement floor, but also the labour costs. Attractive, resistant and very durable coverings are created with low maintenance and for less money than other materials.

A microcement company in London you can trust

We would love to be your trusted company of microcement in London. We want to help you realise the projects you have in mind, whatever they may be. Experience. But above all humility and cooperation. These are the foundations and values that best represent us. We are not satisfied with just selling our cement finishes, but aspire to excellence in all processes. We want, and we do, to be involved in the whole process to guarantee exceptional results and thus achieve the satisfaction of our customers.

This is why all our processes are subject to strict and exhaustive quality controls. Starting with the choice of the best raw materials and investment in the best laboratory equipment and machines in our factories. Products that are subjected to constant improvements, year after year, to continue to build customer loyalty and provide them with the decorative and functional solutions that they need, demand and deserve. You are our raison d'être. Listen to act. This is the only way to improve.

Sharing is growing. We feed off each other. We make our experience in the microcement sector available to everyone. We encourage the training of our team, but also of the applicator; carrying out an attractive training programme with theoretical and practical courses on the application of each of our products.

Are you looking to refurbish your home or premises? Contact us. Are you in the construction industry and would like to expand your product range? Contact us. Are you an applicator and would like to learn how to apply a new microcement? Contact us.

flat in London with floor, wall and ceiling in microcement

Technical service

It's not enough to say how good you are at something if you don't back it up with facts. At Topciment® we can say, and also demonstrate, the professionalism and experience of our staff. More specifically of our sales technicians, who have been trained in depth about the microcements that we manufacture.

A technical service that we offer free of charge to help you resolve any doubts and/or find a solution to your needs.

High performance products

We manufacture and sell quality, because we aspire to achieve excellence in every product we launch on the market. We have the following microcement systems:

- One-component microcement

- Two-component microcement

- Ready-to-use microcement

- Microcement for swimming pools

- Epoxy microcement

- Tadelakt microcement

A catalogue in which we also cover other decorative systems such as printed concrete, glazes, metallic paints, rust-effect paints, paints for tiles and a range of related products: primers, varnishes, tools, etc. Would you like us to inform you about these products? Write to us.

Microcement applicators in London

Just as we have an exceptional technical service, we have a team of experienced and approved applicators for the installation of our decorative coatings. They are professionals with a wealth of experience who carry out all types of work with microcement in London: houses, offices, restaurants, hotels, swimming pools, etc.


Microcement application: an art within the reach of very few

The handcrafted aesthetics of microcement is one of its differentiating elements. An element that makes it unique and why more and more architects, interior designers and private clients are opting for this continuous coating to carry out all kinds of projects. Homes and residential buildings, hotels, restaurants, offices...

A captivating naturalness that only the most expert professionals are capable of reproducing to perfection. This craftsmanship is the key. A method of application reserved only for the best. It is not enough just to have a good product, but also to have the best hands to apply it.

At Topciment® we aspire to excellence. A demanding and ambitious path that can only be possible if it is present in all processes. Not only in the manufacture of microcement, but also in the training of those who use it for renovations.

Satisfied customers. That is what we are looking for, that is what we want. And for an optimal and satisfactory result, our products can only be applied by microcement professionals. Installers trained in our coatings on a continuous basis.

No two surfaces are and never will be identical after being coated with microcement in London. Each applicator leaves their mark on each project, making it even more unique.

London flat with microcement kitchen

Superior microcement finishes for any space

Microcement is a superior material. For its wide range of aesthetic possibilities, but also for the reliability it guarantees in terms of resistance and durability. The perfect ally to modernise any space in London and create superior finishes on any surface, vertical and horizontal. A versatile cladding by right that is synonymous with elegance and distinction.

Microcement bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the rooms that most enjoy the intrinsic benefits of microcement. In addition to the rapid renovation of the space, it is a very easy to clean covering, which is always appreciated in the case of toilets. Its resistance to environmental humidity, water vapour and running water make it a perfect match. Walls, floors, washbasin... and even the shower tray and bathtub can be covered with microcement in London.

Microcement flooring

or versatility, a microcement floor. A perfect flooring for creating a rustic, industrial, modern decorative style... and for the visual continuity it provides as it has no expansion joints. A quick renovation of a surface that is extremely easy to renovate. Resistant to heavy traffic, so it does not crack or fissure, and it can also guarantee a non-slip finish to prevent slipping in the area around the pool or in the bathroom, for example.

And yes, it is compatible with underdloor heating. An added value to better cope with the cold winters in a city like London. However, it is a complex process that can only be carried out by trained professionals.

Microcement worktop

Whether it is the worktop in the kitchen, bathroom or even in an outdoor space, covering it with microcement is an exceptional idea for many reasons. Not only because of the modern and attractive aesthetics it gives to the space, but also because of its high resistance to abrasion and friction. In addition, if a microcement worktop is used outdoors, resistance to UV rays and rain is guaranteed.

hotel with microcement staircase in London

Microcement suppliers in London: long-lasting cement finishes

Discover our select range of microcements for floor and wall coverings. High-performance products for the professional to obtain a decorative continuous coating with a long useful life. Suitable for interior and exterior use.

Microcements that pass exhaustive quality controls, that have the CE Marking and whose resistance we improve gradually.

One -component microcements

Evoluttion is Topciment®'s range of one-component microcements. Products free of resins, only cement and water, which are surprising for their workability and the rustic finish they allow. Coatings for interior and exterior, floors and walls, and depending on the application, it is recommended to use one or the other. Possible mistakes are reduced to a minimum.

For the preparation of the substrate, we have Evoluttion Microbase (L, XL and XXL) as a preparatory microcement; Evoluttion Microfino (XS, S and M) as a finishing microcement for walls; and last but not least, Evoluttion Microdeck (M and L) as a finishing microcement for floors and paving.

villa with microcement facade and terrace in London

Two-component microcements

Most of our microcements are two-component, the two lines par excellence being Sttandard . Two types of decorative continuous coatings that work optimally in interiors and exteriors, on walls and floors alike.

Sttandard was and is the traditional line. Within it we find Sttandard Microbase (microcement for preparation) in granulometries L, XL and XXL; Sttandard Microfino (finishing for walls above all) and in granulometries XS, S and M; Sttandard Microdeck (finishing especially for floors) and with granulometries M and L; and Sttandard Microstone (for exteriors and which we will talk about later) in granulometries L and XL.

Ready-to-use microcement

Efectto Quartz reflects the simplicity of the application and preparation of the product while guaranteeing equally good resistance. Our line of ready-to-use microcement that can be used in interiors and exteriors, floors and walls. 16 colours give meaning to its unique colour chart. A product that we sell in four granulometries: Small Grain, Medium Grain, Big Grain and Super Grain.

restaurant in London with microcement flooring

Microcement for exteriors

All our Microcement London systems can be used in interiors and exteriors, except for Industtrial (which we will develop later). Even so, we have designed a coating with which higher resistance to weathering is achieved, with a thicker aggregate and a non-slip finish. We are talking about Sttandard Microstone, a two-component microcement available in no less than 34 colours. The granulometries are L and XL.

Microcement for swimming pools and areas in contact with water

Atlanttic is our specific two-component microcement for all those surfaces that are constantly exposed to water and therefore suffer and suffer its effects. We are talking about swimming pools, fountains, saunas, ponds, etc. A product with a non-slip and waterproof finish and excellent resistance to immersion. In terms of granulometries, we find XL and XXL.

Microcement with epoxy resin

Industtrial is our water-based epoxy microcement, composed of aggregates and epoxy resin. A combination that boosts the impermeability and mechanical resistance of the product. Incredible for car parks, warehouses, galleries, offices and bathrooms. Available in 16 colours and in XL, Base, Medium and Smooth granulometries. As for its fields of application, it is perfectly compatible with walls and floors, but only indoors, as the epoxy resin can yellow outdoors.

 display stand with microcement colours in London

Lime-based microcement

Natture is one of our latest additions. The first, and so far the only one, lime-based microcement we have. A mortar that stands out for its great workability, lower shrinkage and superior resistance. It is suitable for interior and exterior, floors and walls alike. XL, L, M and S are the four granulometries in which it is available. It has its own colour chart (34) and, furthermore, it is a micro-cement that can be finished and applied by means of the fresh-on-fresh technique. It stands out for its natural and handcrafted finish and imitates tadelakt and exposed concrete.

Request a budget for your work with microcement in London

The price of microcement in London is subject to many factors that vary the total cost, such as the complexity of the project to be treated, the m2 and surface to be covered, the type of microcement as well as the final finish you are looking for. Tell us all about your project and we will give you a quote. Spectacular coatings at a competitive cost. What are you waiting for? Write to us!

Colour chart of Microcement London

The great customisation that our microcement allows is a direct consequence of the wide range of colours we have. A catalogue of more than 40 different tonalities that allows all kinds of combinations to create unique spaces. We ensure that no two surfaces are the same.

Topciment Microcemento London colours are distinguished by being natural pigments with high stability. Colours that do not lose intensity over time or due to exposure to the sun, which is why they can be used in exterior projects with full guarantees.

Each microcement system has its own colour chart. Even so, we adapt to the client's tastes and can create different colours to those offered in our catalogue.

Microcement flooring in London house

Extensive colour palette: endless creations with microcement in London

The great customisation that our cement finishes allow is a direct consequence of the wide colour palette that we have. A catalogue with more than 50 different microcement colours that allows all kinds of combinations to create unique spaces. This is how we ensure that no two surfaces don't look alike.

In fact, we have put together the widest selection of microcement colours in London you can imagine. The colour of your dreams, we have it. And if not, we create it. All we have to do is talk about it. A wide range of tones that allows unlimited creations, regardless of the support and the space to be renovated.

All our pigments are subjected to strict quality controls. Pigments that are stable in sunlight to guarantee the durability and resistance of our interior and exterior decorative coatings. Microcement colours that do not lose intensity with the passage of time or exposure to the sun, so they can be used in outdoor projects with total guarantee.

A unique range that we are constantly updating and developing new colours according to the needs of our customers and the trends in the sector. Each microcement system has its own colour chart to further enhance the exclusivity of our products. At Topciment® we adapt to our customers' tastes.

swimming pool clad with microcement

Microcement courses in London: give it your best!

We are concerned with the continuous training of our collaborating applicators, as our innovative decorative coatings undergo improvements in their mechanical and chemical resistance. As a result, we regularly run microcement courses in London to teach the application of our products as well as more advanced techniques. Courses to improve the performance and quality of works carried out with microcement.

Are you looking to make a name for yourself in the application of microcement, would you like to get started, or do you already have experience but want to learn how our systems work? We offer microcement courses for all levels of specialisation.

We are constantly updating our training calendar. Write to us to find out about upcoming dates. Will you be the next Topciment® certified applicator in London?

 cafe in London with microcement in floor and walls

Much more than microcement in London

Just because we are specialists in microcement does not mean that we limit ourselves to it. As our slogan says, we are much more. We manufacture and sell all kinds of innovative coverings in the field of decoration.

State-of-the-art products for all types of surfaces, passable and non-passable, indoors and outdoors, which include different types of paints and glazes whose final finishes leave no one indifferent.

From metallic and oxidised finishes, to more translucent, with glitter, etc. But we also offer a wide range of products for stamped concrete, a decorative system that we also work with. From mortars and moulds, to varnishes, release agents, etc. Let yourself be surprised by our extensive catalogue of decorative solutions and choose the one that best suits your aesthetic and functional needs.

cinema in London with microcement walls

Be our microcement partner in London

We are continuing to expand our distribution network for microcement in United Kingdom and are counting on you. Do you know master microcement or another types of decorative coatings? Write to us. We offer you a product that is in great demand on the market and has unbeatable performance. Coatings with maximum guarantees, training and free technical service 365 days a year. Transparency and communication are our trademarks as a company.

Are you interested in becoming our microcement partner in London? Fill out the form below and we will inform you about the conditions for marketing our products. Become part of a consolidated company with international recognition. We are ready to take the next step, shall we do it together?

Talk with your microcement consultant

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If you are considering microcement for one of your projects, you would like to train with us or you are a professional in the sector and are looking for new brands... we will be happy to help you too! Please complete the form below and one of our technical experts will contact you as soon as possible. Make your consultation free of charge and without obligation.