Bicomponent Microcement mix

When preparing any variety of microcement we should always respect the recommended mixing proportions in order to achieve an easily workable microcement with optimum properties.

The pot life of the mixture is 1 hour at 20ºC.

The mixture

Measure in a clean container, the quantity of resin or water corresponding to the kilos of powder to be prepared. Pour the measured amount into a container large enough to receive the two components (liquid and solid) and add the pigment corresponding to the amount of Microcement, mixing until a uniform colour is achieved. It is important to rinse the pigment container to use all its contents, so that there are no differences in colour from one mixing to the next.

Pour the dry component little by little while mixing the dough for a minimum of 4 minutes. The result will be a homogeneous mass free of lumps and of uniform colour.

It will not be necessary to pigment the first coat of Microbase.

For the mixing of the microcement it is advisable to use the Topciment double helix mixing rod , made of stainless steel. Its hexagonal mast is easily attached to most stirrers, its double helix facilitates the mixing of mortars, obtaining a completely homogeneous paste

Consumption and yields

Bear in mind that the better levelled and prepared the surface to be coated is, the lower the cost in material and time required for its application.

Consult the updated data on mixing ratios and performance of our microcements