Tadelakt microcement of superior resistances | Natture

With Natture we return to the origin to look at the future. We go back to the beginnings of tadelakt in Morocco more than two millennia ago to offer a harder, more sustainable and more workable coating. A microcement with the Topciment® guarantee to create decorative finishes for life.

Bicomponent lime-based microcement that stands out for its lower shrinkage and higher chemical and mechanical resistances. Continuous low-thickness and high-hardness coating for floors and walls.

Natture illustrates the artisanal aspect of tadelakt. A microcement of unparalleled beauty that evokes tadelakt but also exposed concrete, given its wide decorative finishes.

Product of attractive natural and material, applicable in trowel and totally reviewable. Luxury, quality, distinction, and demonstrable resistance between 1 and 3 mm thick.

Arabic style bedroom with tadelakt on walls

A tadelakt coating as soft as silk and hard as a rock

Natture has splendid qualities that make it a decorative coating to keep in mind. The multiplicity of effects and textures it allows, as well as a more eco-friendly formulation compared to other materials, are just some of its more than interesting conditions. A tadelakt microcement as delicate and smooth as silk, almost as hard as a rock.

Seamless continuous coating

Facilita una rápida renovación de los espacios, sin juntas ni rupturas visuales, aportando una mayor amplitud y luminosidad. Es además el microcemento de menor retracción, por lo que no fisura ni aparecen grietas.

Acoplable sobre diversas superficies y materiales

Applicable on floors and walls, indoors and outdoors, on numerous types of support: concrete, cement, ceramic, plaster, drywall, etc.

Exquisite workability

There is no point of comparison between the workability that Natture allows compared to other coatings.

Variety of colors, effects and finishes

Its extensive color palette as well as being a retouchable tadelakt microcement, exponentially multiplies its effects and textures. Finishes with a tadelakt and exposed concrete look; matte, satin and gloss.

High adhesion and hardness

Mineral coating of excellent adhesion and hardness.

Possibility of being worked "fresh on fresh"

Natture is a microcement that can be applied with this technique, thus adding a new decorative effect. When the second layer stops being "tacky", the third would be applied.

Bathroom with tadelakt on the walls

A tadelakt effect microcement with limitless finishes

Natture is a lime mortar that allows creativity to run wild. The decorative finishes that can be achieved are practically infinite thanks to the variety of its color palette but also to its textures.

A microcement that is harder and more workable, capable of emulating the natural beauty of tadelakt, transporting us to the very nerve center of Marrakech; but also to exposed concrete, much more rugged and with an industrial appearance that constitutes a complete innovation as an ornamental resource. Versatility raised to the maximum power as it is a microcement that can be reviewed, thus extracting new finishes hidden at first glance.

Tadelakt: the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics

Freedom of expression in capital letters, combining aesthetics and technology to offer a mineral coating of incomparable charm and functionality in any field of use. A micromortar extra resistant to compression and abrasion, providing unparalleled durability.

A tadelakt effect microcement with excellent adherence to any support, natural finish and that enjoys even less shrinkage if possible. The perfect harmony for any room that is worth its salt.

A low-thickness lime-based microcement that forms a true renovation asset that adapts to any space imprinting character, elegance and timelessness. The perfect complement for walkable and non-walkable surfaces, indoors and outdoors.

Moroccan lounge with tadelakt on floor and walls
Logo Natture XL
Natture XL 20 Kg

Tadelakt microcement for preparation and finish Natture XL

Natture XL is a multifunctional tadelakt effect microcement, as it can be used as a preparation and finishing coating. Likewise, depending on whether the product is reviewed or not, leaving the pore more open or more closed, it has the added ability to offer a visible concrete finish.

Of bicomponent character and lime-based, this mortar can be applied as a base on pavements and vertical walls. Both in interior and exterior spaces. A mortar that is characterized by its robustness, providing consistency and solidity to the support to be treated.

In terms of its granulometry, it is the coating with the thickest aggregate within the Natture family. Although its most widespread use is as a base, it can be placed as a finishing coating if a more rustic finish is desired.

Download here the technical sheet of Natture XL

Technical features

Ph icon
Maximum aggregate size


Apparent density
Compression resistance (EN 13892-2)

≥60 N/mm² (28 days)

Flexural strength (EN 13892-2)

≥15 N/mm² (28 days)

Hardness icon
Adhesion resistance (EN 13892-8)

≥1.5 N/mm² (28 days)


The performance of Natture XL may vary depending on the support. As a general rule: 2 kg/m² in two coats.


The tadelakt microcement Natture XL is sold in 20 Kg containers.

Logo Natture L
Natture L 20 Kg

Tadelakt microcement base and Natture L finish

Natture L forms the other alternative to use as a base tadelakt microcement but also as a finish. Unlike its predecessor, the finish obtained with this granulometry is much more stony and natural. Despite having a slightly finer aggregate, it offers the same resistances as the XL.

A likewise two-component coating, lime-based and suitable for floors and walls indistinctly. Its excellent performance allows it to be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Tadelakt effect microcement that contributes to the durability of the new coating, providing the base with the stability it needs. In fact, it is mainly thought of as a preparation coating. To achieve a more rustic finish, it can be used as a finishing microcement.

Download here the technical sheet of Natture L

Technical features

Ph icon
Maximum aggregate size


Apparent density
Compression resistance (EN 13892-2)

≥60 N/mm² (28 days)

Flexural strength (EN 13892-2)

≥15 N/mm² (28 days)

Hardness icon
Adhesion resistance (EN 13892-8)

≥1.5 N/mm² (28 days)


The performance of Natture L depends on the coated support. As a general rule: 1.4 kg/m² in two coats.


The tadelakt microcement Natture L is available in 20 Kg containers.

Logo Natture M
Natture M 20 Kg

Tadelakt microcement finish for floors and walls Natture M

The purpose of Natture M is to consummate the decoration of walkable and non-walkable surfaces, horizons and verticals. A tadelakt microcement finish for interior and exterior that gives the treated support suggestive and most variable finishes. Infinite effects and textures within the reach of the same product.

A lime and bicomponent coating that grants great hardness and the maximum possible workability to the surface. A long-lasting pavement or wall that does not crack under any circumstances. It stands out for guaranteeing a very natural and smooth finish to the surface.

Download here the technical sheet of Natture M

Technical features

Ph icon
Maximum aggregate size


Apparent density
Compression resistance (EN 13892-2)

≥45 N/mm² (28 days)

Flexural strength (EN 13892-2)

≥10 N/mm² (28 days)

Hardness icon
Adhesion resistance (EN 13892-8)

≥1.5 N/mm² (28 days)


The performance of Natture M varies according to the support. As a general rule: 1 kg/m² in two coats.


The tadelakt microcement Natture M comes in 18 Kg containers.

Logo Natture S
Natture S 20 Kg

Tadelakt microcement finish only for Natture S walls

Tadelakt shapes the stucco of stuccos, a decorative technique that has been passed down from generation to generation for over 2,000 years. A refined, sophisticated and elegant coating that in the case of walls reaches another level with Natture S. Our tadelakt microcement finish designed for walls and other non-walkable surfaces.

Bicomponent coating, based on lime and with the finest aggregate of all. Just 0.1 mm that are enough to make a difference and create spectacular textures on walls. It is the ideal granularity to reproduce a stucco finish on vertical surfaces.

Download here the technical sheet of Natture S

Technical features

ph icon
Maximum aggregate size


Apparent density
Compression resistance (EN 13892-2)

≥32 N/mm² (28 days)

Flexural strength (EN 13892-2)

≥10 N/mm² (28 days)

Hardness icon
Adhesion resistance (EN 13892-8)

≥1.2 N/mm² (28 days)


The performance of Natture S will depend on the support. As a general rule: 0.5 kg/m² in two coats.


The tadelakt microcement Natture S comes in 15 Kg containers.



Acricem, component B of the tadelakt microcement Natture

Acricem is an acrylic resin that acts as the B component of the Natture tadelakt microcement, among others. It forms a water-based resin that serves as an additive for the kneading water of mortars. It stands out for its excellent penetration and stabilization of the support. It provides an extra hardness to the coating.

Mixing proportions

20 kg NATTURE XL - 6 L Acricem

20 kg NATTURE L - 6,6 L Acricem

18 kg NATTURE M - 6,6 L Acricem

15 kg NATTURE S - 6,4 L Acricem

See technical sheet of Acricem, component B of Natture

+ How to apply Natture tadelakt microcement on floors

Step 1. Support preparation

Adapt the pavement, ensuring that the support is consolidated, in good planimetry conditions, clean and free of grease.

paso 1 Natture

Step 2. Ground priming

Each application requires a specific solution. Use, depending on the type of floor, the corresponding primer: Primacem Plus, Primacem Abs or Primapox®100 Barrier.

Step 2 Natture

Step 3. Place flexible fiber mesh

Before applying the Natture tadelakt mortar, use a flexible Builtex fiber mesh to prevent cracks and fissures.

Step 3 Natture

Step 4. Mix Natture mortar with Acricem resin

Pour the Acricem resin into a container and pigment until a homogeneous finish is achieved (see proportions in technical sheet). Add the Natture mortar and mix at low revolutions for at least 4 minutes.

Step 4 Natture

Step 5. Apply 2 coats of the tadelakt microcement Natture XL/L

Depending on the support and the finish that is intended to be acquired, apply 2 coats of the tadelakt microcement preparation Natture XL or Natture L with a metal trowel (4 hours of drying between coats). Sand each coat with 40-grain sandpaper.

Step 4 Natture

Step 6. Apply 1 coat of the tadelakt microcement Natture XL/L/M

Finish decorating the pavement with a coat of our Natture tadelakt microcement. Depending on the desired finish, choose between M, XL or L granulometries. Allow to dry for 4 hours between coats. Sand with 40-grit sandpaper.

Step 6 Natture

Step 7. Seal with 2 coats of Presealer and another 2 of Topsealer WT

Proceed to seal the pavement between 24 and 48 hours later. Apply two coats of the Presealer primer (4 hours between coats) and, afterwards, another two coats of any Topsealer WT varnish (24 hours between coats).

Step 6 Natture

+ How to apply Natture tadelakt microcement on walls

Step 1. Conditioning of the support

Prepare the wall, checking that the surface is consolidated, clean and free of grease.

Step 1 Natture

Step 2. Wall priming

Use the most suitable primer according to the wall. Use one of the following adhesion promoters: Primacem Plus, Primacem Abs or Primapox®100 Barrier.

Step 2 Natture

Step 3. Add the Acricem resin to the Natture mortar

In a container add the Acricem resin (check proportions in technical sheet) and pigment until a homogeneous finish is obtained. Incorporate the Natture mortar and mix at low revolutions for at least 4 minutes.

Step 3 Natture

Step 4. Apply 2 coats of the Natture XL/ L tadelakt microcement

In the same way as it happens on floors, choose between our tadelakt microcement Natture XL and Natture L and apply 2 layers of product using a metal trowel (4 hours of drying between layers). Sand each layer with 40-grain sandpaper.

Step 4 Natture

Step 5. Apply 1 layer of the tadelakt microcement Natture XL/L/M/S

Finish decorating the wall with 1 layer of the preferred tadelakt microcement, depending on whether you want to achieve a more exposed concrete, stony, stucco, etc. finish. Opt for Natture XL, Natture L, Natture M or Natture S. Use 40 grit sandpaper after each layer. Allow to dry for 4 hours between layers.

Step 4 Natture

Step 6. Seal with 2 layers of Presealer and another 2 of Topsealer WT

24-48 hours later, seal the wall with 2 layers of the Presealer primer (4 hours between layers) and, subsequently, with another two layers of one of our Topsealer WT varnishes (24 hours between layers).

Step 6 Natture

High decoration tadelakt microcement: 34 colors and counting

Natture has a wide palette of intense and deep colors with which to acquire high decoration finishes. A catalog composed of 34 colors that leave no one indifferent and that rise to 68 if the product is reviewed with a trowel.

Changing textures as a result of the versatility of a tadelakt-looking microcement with which to create unique craft pieces. Long-lasting designs that seem to be extracted from a museum.

Below, digital simulations of the colors in which Natture is available are shown. On the left, the finish of the applied coating as is; on the right, the finish after having been reviewed. If the customer wants another color, they can obtain it using our ARCOCEM® pigmented pastes.

color  Obsidian Color Negro


Basalt Color Shale Gray Color


Wood Color Lead Color


Earth color Brown Color


Bordeaux Color Bordeaux Color


Stalactite Color Slate Color


Himalaya Color Himalaya Color


Willow Color Cement Color


Mud Color Coffee Color


Moss Color Mole Color


Ash Color Steel Color


Steam Color Titanium Color


Silex Color French gray color


Waterfall Color Paris Color


Russet Color Copper Color


Silver Color Silver Color


Tundra Color Pearl Color


Iceland Color Lichen Color


Polar Color White Color


Blizzard Color Broken White Color


Coral Color Ivory Color


Color Sandstorm Kalahari Color


Color Goldmine Desert Tan Color


Color Cappadocia Sand Color


Nubia Color Mojave Color


Jungle Color Jungle Color


Pistachio Color Pistachio Color


Sunflower Color Color   Saffron


Goldfish Color Pumpkin Color


Kyanite Color Night Blue color


Ocean Color Deep Blue Color


Aquamarine Color Color Aquamarine


Opal Color Opal Color


Gobi Color Gobi smell



Frequently asked questions about tadelakt

Tadelakt is a stucco effect coating composed of various limes. Its natural finish and its impermeability are the two most important advantages of this coating. A handmade decorative technique that is especially used to decorate walls and offer a warm and soft aesthetic.

Tadelakt consists of lime dyed with natural pigments and polished with pebbles to achieve that smooth, shiny, and natural appearance for which it is characterized. An ancient decorative technique whose formulation has been modernized, mixing lime and marble powder; to be later polished with a trowel.

Tadelakt is a word that comes from Arabic, specifically from the verb "dakala" and means "to massage, rub, polish". An ancient decorative technique that dates back to Morocco and that arises from the need to protect the walls of the hammams from environmental humidity. But it was also used in riads and basins to shape ceramic vessels in the purest Moroccan style.

There are many benefits why tadelakt continues to be one of the most versatile and used stuccos in decoration. Below, we develop the most important ones:

Totally ecological

Tadelakt is an ecological coating, made from materials that are not harmful to either the environment or human or animal health. A product that fits perfectly in the current scenario where companies direct their policies, in part, to reduce the ecological footprint.

Great resistance to humidity

tadelakt withstands very high levels of environmental humidity. That is why it is one of the most recommended coatings to renovate rooms such as steam rooms or bathrooms. In this sense, mold and other problems derived from the humidity to which spaces such as bathrooms are exposed do not proliferate.

Wide variety of finishes

the wide range of colors available for tadelakt, as well as the possibility of being able to review the product, contribute to countless decorative finishes.

A stucco of great durability

the lime that makes up the tadelakt is largely responsible for its long lifespan. A coating capable of staying in optimal condition despite the passage of time.

Despite the fact that tadelakt plastering has a history of over 2,000 years old, it has been gaining new followers in recent years due to its multiple decorative possibilities. A material designed as a coating for both interiors and exteriors, which can be used on walls, facades, furniture and floors.

To avoid future problems with the tadelakt coating, the following application method must be strictly followed; the first step being to properly clean the support and ensure that it is in good condition.

1. First layer as a primer

With this hand, the good adhesion of the tadelakt on the new support is guaranteed.

2. Moisten the surface

Next, it will be necessary to minimally moisten the support with water.

3. Apply two coats of tadelakt

Apply a first layer of tadelakt on the wall, smooth with a spatula and let dry overnight. Once the wall is completely dry, apply a second layer somewhat thicker than the first. Likewise, let it dry.

4. Apply a layer of wax to waterproof the wall

To finish the application of tadelakt, it is important to use a wax so that the coating solidifies and also achieves that precious waterproof finish.

The bathroom makes up one of the best rooms to place the tadelakt due to the waterproofing it confers to the treated support. How? By closing the pores of the material and proceeding to a subsequent polishing. Mixed with natural pigments, countless decorative finishes can be obtained, being an ideal alternative to tiles.

In addition, if you decide to cover the bathroom walls with tadelakt, they will be able to "breathe"; since it is a material porous to air but not to water. A coating of incomparable aesthetics and incalculable performance. Opting for tadelakt in the bathroom means forgetting about the appearance of mold, fungi and bacteria.

Taking into account the advantages that this lime-based mortar provides, it can be assured without risk of error that the price of tadelakt is very affordable. However, there are a series of elements that condition the final cost per square meter of this coating and that we are going to develop below.

M2 of the surface

the first factor to analyze is the dimension of the support that is going to be coated with tadelakt, as it directly affects the amount to be paid.

Desired finish

on the other hand, the type of finish that is sought to give to the pavement or wall is also crucial to set one price or another per m2 of the tadelakt. And it is that depending on the technique, the number of layers and the type of product used the cost will be one or another.

Surface repair or not

on the edge of the previous point, not all supports present an optimal state at the time of the tadelakt application. The surface must be perfect and, for this, it is necessary to carry out the necessary repairs; in these cases, the price per m2 increases.

Product quality

of course, to a better product and features, the price will be higher.


it seems obvious, and it is, but that does not stop it from being a circumstance to weigh. Each applicator has its own rates to value the performance of their work. In fact, it represents one of the variables that can most make the cost of the tadelakt fluctuate.

In summary, a fixed cost per square meter cannot be set. There are many variables, circumstances, and context that define how much this lime mortar is worth. However, a price range can be set. Therefore, the price of tadelakt per m2 ranges between 30 and 100 euros.

Natture is a coating that maintains its good mechanical and chemical resistances under the weather, so it can be placed outdoors without problems, facades included.

Natture is a lime-based microcement characterized by having minimal shrinkage, thus ensuring the creation of durable coatings that do not crack. However, for 100% guarantees, we recommend the use of mesh in the case of pavements.

Natture allows you to choose between different adhesion promoters, according to the tastes and preferences of each client. In this regard, we advise using the primers Primacem ABS or Primacem Plus and, in the event that the support may have moisture, we recommend Primapox®100 Barrier, as it blocks moisture by capillarity.

To increase the chemical resistances of the Natture tadelakt microcement, it is advisable to seal the support and protect it. For this, we will apply two coats of Presealer followed by another two coats of Topsealer WT.

Natture contemplates 34 colors, however, if the customer so wishes, they could obtain different shades. Either by mixing pigments or by configuring new ones from our Arcocem pastes.

No, not all granulometries are suitable for floors and walls. While Natture XL, L and M can be applied on both supports, Natture S can only be done on vertical walls.

Natture is designed as a continuous low-thickness coating that stands out for its low shrinkage and hardness. Therefore, it is suitable for decorating interior and exterior walls or floors where these qualities are to be taken advantage of. As for aesthetics, it is perfect for emulating a tadelakt or exposed concrete finish. Product compatible with the addition of resins.

In the technical sheet of Natture, the mixing proportions of powder with resin that have been tested in our laboratories by our chemists are specified. Depending on the temperature and humidity of the environment and support, the sample ratio may vary slightly. If it were wanted or needed to make the product more fluid, a little resin could be added without exceeding 2%.