Renew your bathroom successfully with these 5 tips

A place of relaxation and wellbeing, the bathroom should be as easy to live in as it is to maintain. The presence of water in this room means that you cannot just think about comfort when renovating it, as it demands quality materials that are resistant to humidity. Whether you want to start from scratch, renovate or enlarge your bathroom, here are a few simple steps to achieve a great result.

1. Organise the space

The bathroom is often the smallest area in the house and therefore needs to be optimised in size. The first step is to have the measurements and to think about the light points and the installation of toilets. A word of advice: in order not to make the passage difficult, it is necessary to maintain a distance of 60 centimetres in front of the sink or toilet, and about 35 centimetres between elements. There are tricks for making the micro-cement bathroom look bigger: the continuity of the micro-cement gives a greater feeling of spaciousness, as does the use of light colours for the bathroom floor and walls.

baño microcemento

2.Floors and walls: resistance and style

Bathroom coverings must satisfy decorative tastes, but also withstand humidity. Porcelain stoneware, marble or large format tiles are some of the options we find on the market. In this respect, microcement fulfils the desired functions: the absence of joints prevents the accumulation of dirt and thus facilitates the cleaning of the bathroom. In addition, it can be applied perfectly on horizontal and vertical surfaces, achieving a completely watertight room, and also on showers, baths or wash basin tops.

baños de microcemento

3.Choose between shower and bathtub

When it comes to choosing with the environment in mind, the shower has gained ground over the bathtub because of its functionality and three times less water expenditure. This is not the case in large bathrooms, where you can opt for comfort: generously sized baths or hydromassage columns. If we are hesitant about space, from five square metres onwards a bathtub can be installed without any problems.

revestimiento cemento pulido baños

4.Choosing the furniture

Sanitaryware, furniture and accessories are as important in the decoration as the walls and floors of the bathroom. Inside the washbasins, for example, there are many typologies: floor-standing, recessed, on the worktop, compact... each in a multitude of materials: natural stone, resin, cement, porcelain, ceramic, glass... It all depends on the environment in which it will be placed: the classic sanitary ware will provide a romantic air, perfect for vintage decoration, while the wall-mounted ones will serve in those projects that seek a modern and contemporary touch.

baños de cemento

5.Lighting: finding a balance

Essential for creating a relaxed atmosphere, lights should not be neglected and their placement should be well thought out. There are many alternatives: ceiling lamps, wall lights, halogen or around the mirror. If there is natural lighting, that bathroom has a clear advantage over the rest. Most of the time it is interesting to have a front focus on the mirror to illuminate the face, while in the rest of the room you can reduce the intensity and create a relaxed atmosphere. You can also play with colours: light ones reflect and multiply the light while dark ones absorb it and darken the microcement baths.

baños de cemento