White microcement: total brightness and cleanliness

Formed by natural pigments, compared to other coatings, themicrocement this color is more economical and, in addition, it has a greater ease of application.

White microcement is an innovative solution for coating interior and exterior surfaces. This color not only offers a clean and minimalist look, but it is also extremely durable and water resistant. In this way, it is ideal for coating bathrooms, kitchens or areas with little ventilation.

It is also ideal for outdoor surfaces, such as terraces and pools. The microcement of this color is an ideal option for those people looking for a modern and minimalist finish. Its application is relatively simple and does not require great skills. It is also a more economical option compared to other coatings such as marble or granite.

What is white microcement? White microcement is a type of coating with a maximum thickness of 3 millimeters that is used to achieve very characteristic wall and floor finishes that will always fill the rooms in which it is applied with brightness. It is characterized by its high resistance, water resistance and ease of cleaning.

What is white microcement like?

White microcement has an appearance very similar to that of marble, which makes it ideal for elegant and sophisticated environments. It can be applied on any surface, making it ideal for renovations as these are carried out very quickly being able to completely change the appearance of a room. Due to the clarity it presents, it is important to clean it thoroughly and regularly so that it always looks imposing.

white microcement inside a house

Advantages of white microcement

Next, we are going to study the virtues of white microcement and you are going to realize what this color hides behind each layer.

Very aesthetically versatile

White microcement is a very versatile product that adapts to different decorative styles. Its appearance similar to marble makes it a very elegant and sophisticated option.

Clearly resistant

White microcement is a very resistant product to both water and impacts. It is ideal for environments full of light such as kitchens and bathrooms, above all, but it is applied in any type of space.

Ease of cleaning

White microcement is very easy to clean, which makes it an ideal option for crowded environments.


El microcemento de este color es muy duradero, por lo que es ideal para ambientes de alta calidad. Esto es posible porque al ser un material constructivo muy resistente, se mantiene en perfectas condiciones, manteniendo su color intacto.

White microcement: 4 keys to choosing it

1. Make sure to carefully consider the space where you plan to install the microcement. Is it designed for use in a kitchen, a bathroom, or a living room? Is it a heavy traffic area or is it intended for quieter use? These questions will help you determine the appropriate color of the microcement.

2. Consider the size of the space. A smaller space will benefit from a lighter color, as it will help to visually expand the area. On the other hand, a larger space can handle a darker color to create a sense of intimacy.

3. Consider the general atmosphere of the room. Are you looking for a more traditional or modern look? Are you seeking a feeling of warmth or freshness? These factors will help you select the right tone of microcement to suit your lifestyle.

4. Think about the rest of the room's design elements. What colors predominate in the room? Are the furniture in dark or light tones? Is there a lot of natural light or is it a darker room? All these factors can help you select the right color of the microcement.

White microcement for pools: submerged in class

For many years, microcement has been one of the most used materials for the construction of swimming pools. However, in recent times, the use of white microcement for this purpose has become popular.

This material with this shade, is characterized by its high resistance, making it ideal for the construction of swimming pools. In addition, this material is very easy to clean and maintain, making it an ideal option for those people looking for a high quality and durable pool.

Another advantage of white microcement is that it allows to create a very modern and elegant atmosphere. In fact, this coating has been used in numerous architecture and design projects where beauty stands out above all. Likewise, it should be emphasized that the white microcement is very resistant to moisture, which makes it an ideal option for the construction of swimming pools. In addition, this material does not deteriorate over time, which allows you to enjoy a pool in perfect condition for many years.

In summary, white microcement is an ideal material for the construction of swimming pools, due to its high resistance, ease of maintenance and ability to create modern environments full of sophistication.

white microcement on kitchen walls

White microcement for bathrooms

Unlike other coatings, microcement can be applied to any surface, making it ideal for covering floors, ceilings and walls. It can also be used on floors, although it requires prior preparation of the surface. White microcement is an ideal option for bathrooms, as it is resistant to scratches, stains and moisture. It is a very hygienic material, as it does not absorb the most aggressive stains, making it very easy to clean. This coating is also very resistant to products with a high chemical content. Speaking of its versatility, it can be applied on cement surfaces, marble, on irregular surfaces, such as natural stone or brick, demonstrating its great adherence.

Many people look for alternatives to improve the appearance of their homes and, at the same time, increase the value of their properties. One of the most popular ways to achieve this is by remodeling the bathroom using white microcement.

The white microcement is for kitchens

The best decorative recipe Microcement is a very interesting option for coating kitchens, as it allows achieving a very clean and minimalist environment. Specifically, white microcement is an excellent option for those looking for a clean and bright kitchen. This coating is perfect for small or poorly lit kitchens, as it allows visually expanding the space and providing brightness. It is also an ideal option for those looking for a kitchen that is easy to clean and very resistant. We must not forget that this coating is a very interesting option for coating kitchens, as it allows achieving a very different environment than that provided by other colors or shades.

Being a very resistant material, white microcement is ideal for kitchens, where a lot of heat is produced and a material that withstands blows and burns well is required. Another advantage of white microcement is its great versatility. It can be used on both walls and floors, and different textures and finishes can be created.

Finally, white microcement is a very aesthetic and modern material, which will give your kitchen a very clean and sophisticated look and will maintain its tone for an unlimited time.

White microcement on terraces: double the light

White microcement is one of the best options for decorating modern terraces. It provides brightness, elegance, and versatility. It is one of the most popular construction materials today, due to its multiple advantages.

El microcemento blanco es ideal para terrazas, ya que reduce la sensación de calor y aumenta la luminosidad. También es perfecto para ambientes húmedos, ya que no se deteriora con la humedad. Otro de los beneficios del microcemento es que permite la aplicación de diferentes acabados, lo que le da un toque personal a cada terraza. Se trata de un material muy versátil y atemporal, que se adapta a todo tipo de estilos decorativos.

white microcement the walls of a bathroom

Microcement for facades

Walls and facades coated with microcement have the same advantages as floors. In addition, it should be noted that this coating is a very light material that can be perfectly applied to vertical surfaces as it fully respects structural loads, allowing the coating not to crack or fissure, nor, of course, affect existing supports.

If it is also combined with an outdoor microcement floor, the feeling of spaciousness is multiplied. The wide customization allows to go from a minimalist and more industrial finish to a coarser or rustic one.

White microcement is a trend in any decorative style

White microcement is one of the best choices for those looking for a floor or wall covering option with a clean and modern look. In terms of design, microcement is a very versatile material that can be used in a large number of decorative styles, but perhaps it adapts best to minimalism. Minimalism is characterized by simplicity and superbness. It is a style that bets on functionality and efficiency, and in which the aim is to maximize the available space. As for furniture, minimalism usually prefers furniture with simple lines and neutral colors, as it is a style that focuses on the essence and not on the ornaments.

By behaving as a fairly neutral color when combining with other colors or decorative elements, white microcement is also able to combine with other decorative styles such as, for example, Nordic.

White is a color that is associated with purity and elegance, but also with cleanliness and efficiency. These same characteristics can be applied to any style, even to the industrial trend.

The white microcement can be used on the floor or as a wall covering, and it is a perfect choice for those looking for an alternative to traditional floors and coverings. Its smooth finish and clean white color are ideal for creating a minimalist environment, but they can also be combined with other materials and colors to give a more personal touch to the decoration.

white microcement on the walls of a house

Our microcement color range: white and much more

At Topciment we are experts in microcement. Therefore, we produce a building material that, in addition to having great technical qualities, has aesthetic benefits far superior to those of other materials in the sector.

In this way, we have a wide range of microcement colors that perfectly adapt to all rooms and spaces, regardless of the decorative style they have. Our collection of microcement colors also adapts to the specific needs of each person.

We have a chromatic range that has no limits because, in addition to the large number of shades available, we have a technology that allows professionals and users to create colors on demand. In this way, if they want to opt for coating with a very specific color to cover some of the surfaces of their home or business, we can create it ad hoc, demonstrating the great aesthetic capabilities of our microcements.

Returning to the color white, it doesn't matter what type of microcement you want to use in your work or renovation since in any of those that make up our product catalog you can choose the color white. Both two-component, one-component or ready-to-use, our microcements have the color white or others very similar so that you can coat any interior or exterior surface you have with this shade.

In addition to our white microcement, what are you waiting for to discover our microcement color chart? You will be surprised by the number of colors that can pigment a material like this coating to look in a vertical or horizontal way and aesthetically complete any decorative style, enhancing the features of any area and room, both decoratively and constructively.

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