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We welcome you to the world of XTREMFLOOR®, our family specialized in self-leveling mortars. Here you will find a careful selection of high-performance mortars for your renovation and construction projects. Our dedication to the pursuit of excellence and total customer satisfaction is reflected in the performance of each of the products we offer. The experience we treasure in the decorative and industrial sector supports us.

Self-leveling mortars represent an inherent solution to the sector thanks to their unique ability to establish perfectly leveled supports with minimal effort. We offer different alternatives designed to meet various needs and applications. Valuable mortars for both new works and rehabilitation projects. Products that meet high quality standards for exceptional results.

Achieve durable surfaces with any of the self-leveling mortars from the XTREMFLOOR® range. Thin-layer mortars, with superb adherence, extra fast setting and immaculate mechanical and chemical resistances. Discover them.

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Self-leveling mortar for screeds of 1-10 mm

XTREMFLOOR® Level Concrete is an innovative high-performance self-leveling mortar with fast drying. A polymeric coating designed to execute screeds with thicknesses between 1 and 10 mm. Both in new construction and in rehabilitation projects. Among its multiple fields of application, it is especially designed for the smoothing and regularization of interior flooring in thin layer.

A self-leveling mortar primarily designed as a preparation mortar for microcement finishes, being compatible with all Topciment® systems. This product is also optimal for use prior to the installation of technical floors and ceramics.

Among its multiple qualities, its fast setting and drying stand out, a virtue that minimizes the possible appearance of cracks due to shrinkage that plague conventional self-leveling.

Its aptitude for pumping accelerates its installation, providing excellent productivity to the professional. A self-leveling mortar also compatible with the radiant heating system.

Download the technical sheet of XTREMFLOOR® Level Concrete here

Technical features of the XTREMFLOOR® Level Self-leveling Mortar Concrete

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1-10 mm

Densidad aparente

Flexural strength resistance (28 days)

> 5 N/mm²-15


Compression resistance (28 days)

30 N/mm²-16

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Waiting time

3-9 hours for pedestrian traffic


The consumption of XTREMFLOOR® Level Concrete self-leveling mortar is 1.8kg / m²/ mm.


Our self-leveling mortar XTREMFLOOR® Level Concrete for microcement preparation comes in 25 kg paper bags.

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Self-leveling mortar for screeds of 5-20 mm

XTREMFLOOR® Level Industrial is a self-leveling mortar ideal for the restoration and smoothing of industrial floors such as car parks. Areas that require greater precision and durability when exposed to heavy and intense traffic. Therefore, with this product, layers are obtained with greater thicknesses that range between 5 and 20 mm.

Just like its counterpart for microcement, this self-leveling preparation mortar offers uniform finishes as well as quick hardening and drying time. Factors that speed up execution times, in the same way that its suitability for pumping optimizes productivity.

A highly recommended system for later protection with epoxy and polyurethane coatings. Two finishes that proliferate in car parks and other industrial areas such as warehouses, factories, etc. It is also valid as a support for ceramics, PVC, linoleum, carpet, platform, wood and microcement.

A self-leveling mortar only for interior use and that cannot be pigmented. Perfectly suitable for radiant heating.

Technical characteristics of the XTREMFLOOR® Level self-leveling mortar Industrial

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5-20 mm

Densidad aparente

Flexural strength resistance (28 days)

> 7 N/mm2


Compression resistance (28 days)

> 30 N/mm2

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Waiting time

2-3 hours for pedestrian traffic
24 hours for light traffic
3-4 days for vehicular traffic
5 days for heavy traffic


The consumption of the self-leveling mortar for industrial floors XTREMFLOOR® Level Industrial is 1,670 kg/m² for 1 mm thickness.


The self-leveling mortar for screeds of 5-20 mm XTREMFLOOR® Level Industrial is presented in 25 kg paper bags.

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Self-leveling mortar for decorative finishes

XTREMFLOOR® Level Decor makes up our self-leveling mortar for decorative finishes. A product that allows pigmentation to recreate the desired color in the interior coating. Its formulation facilitates early use to allow passage thanks to rapid hardening and drying hours.

With layers of thicknesses between 5 and 20 millimeters, this self-leveling mortar can be used indistinctly for the restoration and smoothing of floors in private homes as well as in industrial pavements and parking lots exposed to greater traffic. In either of the two fields of application, the resulting finish is uniform.

In the same way as its predecessors, XTREMFLOOR® Level Decor can be pumped and does not crack due to its balanced contraction/expansion design. A system that offers a mineral aesthetic and is compatible with radiant heating.

A self-leveling mortar for decorative finishes that can be placed over concrete, anhydrite and cement mortar coatings. But also over other materials such as ceramics, terrazzo or troweled concrete. In general, over degraded substrates or with lack of planimetry. If desired, it can be sealed with epoxy and polyurethane varnishes.

Download the technical sheet of XTREMFLOOR® Level Decor here

Technical features of the self-leveling mortar XTREMFLOOR® Level Decor

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5-20 mm

Densidad aparente

Flexural strength resistance (28 days)

> 7 N/mm2


Compression resistance (28 days)

> 30 N/mm2

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Waiting time

Between 2 and 3 hours for pedestrian traffic
24 hours for light traffic
Between 3 and 4 days for vehicular traffic
About 5 days for heavy traffic


The consumption of the self-leveling mortar for XTREMFLOOR® Level Decor decorative finishes is 1,670 kg/m² for 1mm thickness.


The self-leveling finishing mortar for thicknesses of 5-20 mm XTREMFLOOR® Level Decor is available in 25 kg paper bags.


Frequently asked questions about self-leveling mortar

The self-leveling mortar is a continuous coating that is usually used as a base for different types of decorative and industrial floors. This mortar, which is normally applied indoors although there are also types valid for outdoors, serves to level and improve the base of the support that is to be covered.

This mortar is called self-leveling because its particularity is that it levels itself by being so liquid. Its function is to harden, smooth and level the surfaces on which this system is applied.

The self-leveling mortar is composed of cement, anhydrite, fine sand and other special additives. It is precisely its additives that give it the fluidity it boasts and that causes the final finish to be smoother and more level. In short, a mortar much more liquid than the rest that makes it unique.

A composition that gives it excellent thermal conductivity and a exquisite uniform finish, among many other virtues that we will delve into later.

As answered in previous questions, the self-leveling mortar is used to level, adapt and improve the base of the support on which the mortar is subsequently poured. The aim is for continuity and uniformity in the resulting surface.

The self-leveling mortar is a very versatile product, being able to be used in different fields of application depending on the individual needs and requirements of the project. In all of them, this mortar will help to level and adapt the work support to be able to place another coating afterwards. That is, it will create a solid base to later apply ceramics, microcement, epoxy systems, etc.

Although most self-leveling mortars are for indoor use, there are some mortars suitable for outdoor exposure. Be that as it may, it is a valuable resource in modern construction and has a wide variety of uses in both residential projects and commercial and industrial projects.

- Floor preparation: self-leveling mortar is mainly used to level those floors that are deteriorated or have irregularities in order to, subsequently, install tiles, ceramics, laminates, wood, microcement... This way, a flat surface is obtained where the aesthetics and durability of the finish are improved.

- Levelling of screeds: in construction projects, self-levelling mortar helps with the levelling and correction of imperfections in concrete screeds. A very important point to, for example, facilitate the subsequent installation of radiant floors.

- Sports courts and other areas: self-leveling mortar is one of the most efficient solutions for creating sports court pavements such as football, basketball or tennis.

- Repair and renovation of stairs: Uneven steps? Self-leveling mortar is an excellent option to solve it and improve the safety of people.

- Floor repair: in those spaces that suffer from greater wear, such as industrial and commercial areas, self-leveling mortar emerges to restore and level these pavements. In this way, the useful life of the floor is perpetuated and the safety of the workplace as well as garages and parking lots is improved.

- Great material compatibility: ceramics, stone, vinyl or laminated flooring, wood, epoxy and industrial systems, microcement, cement, concrete, anhydrite, wood...

The self-leveling mortar is a product that enjoys countless advantages such as excellent adhesion and leveling capacity. Likewise, it is a very hard mortar because it does not crack or split and it takes very little time to harden. After 3 or 4 hours, as a general rule, it can be walked on without problems (light traffic).

Another of its benefits is that it can be used both in a new construction and in rehabilitation projects of previously existing supports. Not to mention that it configures more compact pavements and free of air bubbles. Factors that validate the success that this material treasures.

A pavement suitable for the installation of underfloor heating and with a high mechanical resistance and to abrasion. Its low maintenance and its fantastic quality-price ratio make self-leveling mortar a highly demanded system.

Broadly speaking, the self-leveling capacity and the special properties are the two elements that differentiate a self-leveling mortar from a conventional mortar. While the former is more suitable in those situations where a more precise and effective leveling is required, the latter is used in those applications where there is a greater margin regarding leveling and where more manual work is required.

1. Self-leveling: the self-leveling mortar is specifically formulated so that when poured on a surface it levels itself automatically. This means that it does not require exhaustive manual manipulation or special tools to level the support. The opposite case of a conventional mortar in which a significant effort must be made in this sense to achieve good leveling.

2. Special additives: the additives incorporated into the self-leveling mortar are designed to give it greater fluidity and self-leveling. In contrast, conventional mortar does not usually include these additives.

3. Specific applications: for precise leveling only a self-leveling mortar is useful. If this point is not essential in the project, a conventional mortar can also be used.

4. Time saving and efficiency: the self-leveling mortar translates into a saving of time and labor compared to conventional mortar, since the process is less laborious and not as many special tools are needed.

Each mortar has specifications from the manufacturer that must be followed to carry out a correct installation. The quantities of product, its kneading and drying hours, etc, vary depending on the brand. However, generally, these are the steps that need to be taken to prepare and apply a self-leveling mortar.

Clean the work surface

If the surface on which work is to be carried out is not in optimal conditions, the coating cannot be properly executed. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that there is no dirt, grease, dust or excess water.

Prime the surface before applying the mortar

It is highly recommended to use a primer that enhances and improves the adhesion of the self-leveling mortar. In our case, we advise using our anti-humidity primer Primapox®100 Barrier with aggregate saturation. For uniform coverage, let it act and dry for about 24 hours.

Prepare and knead the mortar

In a bucket add 4.5 liters of clean water. Then gradually add the mortar and mix both components well with an electric whisk or with a pumping machine (if possible).

Apply the mortar on the surface

Once a homogeneous and lump-free mixture is obtained, pour the self-leveling mortar onto the work surface. We suggest starting from the deepest unevenness of the support.

Respect the drying time of the mortar

The setting of the self-leveling mortar is very fast. You will hardly have to wait a few hours, between 3 and 4, for it to dry completely. Although the final time will depend on the environmental conditions and the product.

Seal if required

In the case of using a self-leveling mortar as a final finish, as is the case with XTREMFLOOR® Level Decor, proceed to seal with a specific varnish for such effects.

The time it takes for a self-leveling mortar to dry and harden depends on the quality of the product. The manufacturers are the ones who have to specify that time in the corresponding technical sheets. As a general rule, it is usually between 24 and 48 hours.

As for the self-leveling mortars of the XTREMFLOOR® family, we can assure that they are very fast drying products. Systems that harden in a short time.

On the one hand, there are self-leveling mortars in thin layer and, on the other hand, self-leveling mortars in thick layer. In this sense, the thickness depends on what type of product is finally used. At Topciment® we have several types of layer thickness: from 1 to 10 millimeters (XTREMFLOOR® Level Concrete) and from 5 to 20 millimeters (XTREMFLOOR® Level Industrial and XTREMFLOOR® Level Decor). The choice of one or the other will depend on the type of finish you want to achieve as well as the support to be coated.

Not all self-leveling compounds are suitable for outdoor use; in fact, they are usually used indoors. However, there are some special self-leveling compounds that are optimal for outdoor applications. The mortars from the XTREMFLOOR® range can only be used indoors.

The resistance of the self-leveling mortar is subject to the formulation of each product individually, as the additives that are added in each one of them are the ones that ultimately offer one type of compression resistance or another.

Taking this into account, the compressive strength of the self-leveling mortar ranges between 20 and 40 MPa (megapascals). These figures allow these systems to be suitable for application in areas subjected to pedestrian, vehicular or intense industrial traffic. In addition, this mortar also has a great resistance to flexural strength and chemical agents.

Two aspects must be differentiated. Firstly, the useful life of the self-leveling mortar from its manufacture, which is usually around 9 months as is the case of our XTREMFLOOR® system. And, secondly, the workability time it has once the mortar has been kneaded.

In this regard, the lifespan of the self-leveling mortar once it is mixed with water depends on the ambient temperature and the support as well as the components and the quality of the product in question. In the specific case of XTREMFLOOR® the workability time at 20ºC is 20 minutes.

Both options are correct. Self-leveling mortar sometimes requires another coating, as is the case with XTREMFLOOR® Level Concrete and XTREMFLOOR® Level Industrial. But in other circumstances it can be used as a final finish with products like XTREMFLOOR® Level Decor.

Not only can a radiant heating system be installed after the application of a self-leveling mortar, but it is a fairly common combination in renovation and construction projects. A possibility that is due to the versatility that this product treasures, like our self-leveling mortars from the XTREMFLOOR® line.

Now, it is important to follow the manufacturer's recommendations and have experienced professionals carry out this procedure so that the installation of both systems is successful. Since a start-up protocol must be followed rigorously.

Each mortar has intrinsic characteristics that define its performance per square meter. Generally, the performance of a self-leveling mortar is between 1.5 and 2 kg per m²/mm.

In the particular case of our products, the consumption is:

- XTREMFLOOR® Level Concrete: 1.8kg / m²/ mm.

- XTREMFLOOR® Level Industrial: 1,670 kg / m²/ mm

- XTREMFLOOR® Level Decor: 1,670 kg / m²/ mm

With the average performance we just saw, if a job of about 50m² with an approximate thickness of 5 mm had to be carried out, approximately 17 bags of 25 kg self-leveling mortar would be needed.

There are several classifications about the types of self-leveling mortars that exist depending on which is the element that is analyzed to make the diversification.

According to the role it plays in the installation of the coating, we find:

- Self-leveling preparation mortars: they are used as a primer for the coating that is applied next and that will provide the final finish to the surface. Like XTREMFLOOR® Level Concrete and XTREMFLOOR® Level Industrial.

- Self-leveling finishing mortars: it acts as a final material that is placed on a previously existing support to fulfill an aesthetic function and, in addition, protect the previous coating. This is the case of XTREMFLOOR® Level Decor.

According to the binder that it incorporates in its formulation, we have:

- Self-leveling cement mortars.

- Self-leveling mortars of calcium sulfate.

- Magnesite self-leveling mortars.

- Self-leveling mortars of asphaltic putty.

- Self-leveling synthetic resin mortars.

According to the thickness of the layers, we distinguish:

- Self-leveling thin-layer mortars: the final thickness ranges between 2 and 30 mm. Our XTREMFLOOR® mortars would be here.

- Thick-layer self-leveling mortars: here we find the mortars whose layer thickness exceeds 35 mm.

At Topciment® we manufacture all the products that we market in our respective factories in Valencia, Spain. We have total control of the entire process: from the selection of the highest quality raw materials and the formulation of the systems by our own laboratory team, to the production of the product, its subsequent packaging and distribution. Highest standards of quality that are recognized in the ISO 9001:2015 certificate that we have treasured for years.

For all these reasons, if you want to buy quality self-leveling mortars you are in the right place. Contact our technical service and we will advise you on the product that best suits your needs, as well as we will make you a personalized budget at no cost.

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