Accessories and tools for imprinted concrete

Selecting the appropriate accessories and tools is the key to ensuring a proper application process of imprinted concrete. That's why with the family Toptools, Topciment provides its customers with quality accessories to streamline and facilitate the work of the professional in the sector.

Accessories and tools for imprinted concrete with which we guarantee the best possible results in the installation of imprinted pavements and vertical imprinted concrete.

An extensive catalog in which the applicator will find trowels, indispensable tools for smoothing and leveling the imprinted concrete. But also edgers, tools thanks to which you can round off the imprinted concrete coating obtaining amazing results.

Tools for imprinted concrete where a wide variety of trowels, orbitals or rakes, among others, cannot be missing. But also vital accessories for working and applying imprinted concrete such as polypropylene fibers and polyethylene plastic films. Discover them all on this page.

Magnesium Float for imprinted concrete

Smooth and level the concrete in an easy and simple way with our magnesium trowel. A tool that has an oscillating system that allows the professional to work in both directions, facilitating and speeding up the process.

This trowel with magnesium plate has a rounded finish. A perfect tool for imprinted concrete to ensure that the surface is completely smooth. Especially in those jobs where you cannot access manually.

The function of the magnesium float is to eliminate all irregularities that may appear after screeding a concrete slab. A tool that swallows the thicker aggregates of the concrete when passing over the surface. In this way, it contributes to creating a smoother decorative finish.

It is important to note that the use of this tool for imprinted concrete must be used immediately after leveling. Just before the excess surface water breaks into the surface.

We also recommend, passing the magnesium trowel perpendicularly to the direction of the concrete screeding in a subtly raised manner. Since in the case of doing it very flat, the concrete coating could be sealed.


We have two types of magnesium trowels for leveling and smoothing concrete:

91 x 20 cm.
115 x 20 cm.

Aluminum handle for trowel and float for imprinted concrete

Extra resistant and lightweight blue aluminum handle that facilitates the comfort of the professional in the application of imprinted concrete. A accessory with great grip that is adaptable to our trowels and floats. Specifically to the Magnesium Float, to the Texas Pro trowel and to the California trowel.


Our aluminum handle for trowel and float for imprinted concrete measures 190 cm.

California trowel for imprinted concrete

The California Trowel is one of the most used tools for imprinted concrete.

It is used to ensure that the color hardener penetrates correctly into the concrete, a transcendental step in the application of the system.

A stainless steel trowel with rounded edges that does not include a head. With our California Trowel, you will introduce the wearing course as it should be. A tool that also serves to help smooth the surface and that can be combined with our aluminum handle.


The California Trowel for imprinted concrete is available in two different sizes:

90 x 18 cm
122 x 18 cm

Texas Pro Trowel for imprinted concrete

The Texas Pro Trowel constitutes another of the most demanded tools for imprinted concrete. A trowel designed with stainless steel that facilitates the incursion of the color hardener into the concrete support.

A trowel with also rounded edges and that does not incorporate a head. Unlike the California Trowel, this tool for imprinted concrete has a greater width. A factor that makes it suitable for applying the product on larger surfaces. Likewise, it can be coupled with our aluminum handle.


The Texas Pro Trowel for imprinted concrete is available in 122 x 30 cm.

Orbitel Pro Rotating for imprinted concrete

With our Orbitel Pro Rotating head, the professional will perform the application of imprinted concrete in a faster, more comfortable and effective way. An adapter suitable for trowel and float that provides the operator with a greater maneuver of movements to execute the imprinted pavement.

This accessory is compatible with the California Trowel, the Texas Pro Trowel and with the Magnesium Float.

Orbitel Fixed for trowel for imprinted concrete

The Orbitel Fixed is an essential accessory for the application of imprinted concrete. A head designed for trowels, especially for our Magnesium Trowel. As it is not rotating, it is a head that reduces freedom of movement. Therefore, it is a more economical accessory than its predecessor.

Orbitel Fixed for California Trowel for imprinted concrete

Specific head for our California Trowel. Just like its counterpart, it is a cheaper accessory for imprinted concrete as it is fixed. An adapter, which as can be seen, is smaller in dimensions than the Fixed Orbitel used for troweling.

Magnesium Trowel for imprinted concrete

Trowel made of magnesium for the smoothing and extension of concrete in pavements and vertical walls. Created to help lift the pore of the surface and especially indicated for the smallest spaces, which require greater precision and more manual work.

Thanks to its ergonomic plastic handle, the Magnesium Trowel is a tool for imprinted concrete that is very comfortable to use by the professional. In addition, it is a trowel that guarantees a smooth application thanks to the non-stick base that magnesium provides.

Its square corners also favor a coverage of the grout in the most complicated corners.

Pool Trowel for imprinted concrete

The pool trowel is one of the most used types of trowels for imprinted concrete. Formed by a blue steel blade of the highest quality and very flexible, it can practically bend to any radius.

A tool for imprinted concrete with a comfortable ergonomic and non-slip grip handle, which facilitates manual movements by the professional. Especially indicated for obtaining finer and more refined finishes.

Very easy to use, it is perfect for review and leveling of concrete. For each dimension, there is a perfect Pool Trowel.


Depending on the dimensions of the surface to be covered, the Pool Trowel for imprinted concrete is available in the following sizes:
35 x 10 cm
41 x 10 cm
51 x 13 cm

Curved Edger for imprinted concrete

Stainless curved edger with which to shape the corners of the concrete surfaces. It is ideal for creating rounded edges in those areas where other larger edgers do not reach.

A tool for imprinted concrete that stands out for its ease of handling, thanks to its handle, and for being very resistant. Its double lip, benefits the finish of the coating.


The curved edger for imprinted concrete has dimensions of 15 x 7 cm.

Flat Edger for imprinted concrete

Stainless flat edger very useful for concrete work. It is designed to round off the edges and corners at right angles. In the same way as the Curve, it is a tool for imprinted concrete of excellent resistance and very easy to use.


The flat edger for imprinted concrete is 20 x 13 cm.

Tamper for stamping imprinted concrete molds

The tamper is a tool whose purpose is to mark and stamp the molds of imprinted concrete. A very useful complement especially in the summer season, where high temperatures cause the concrete to harden quickly.

A period in which greater pressure is required to ensure correct molding. Just the function that this tamper fulfills, which stamps the molds of imprinted concrete quickly and effectively. In this way, it helps to correctly mark the drawing and texture of the imprinted mold on the pavement.

A tamper that is used after the wearing course and the release agent of imprinted concrete have been introduced. The marking is done with the help of the tamper, which will contribute to the concrete surface acquiring the texture of the stamped mold.

Rake for imprinted concrete

Rake for spreading, scattering and leveling the imprinted concrete. Does not include the wooden handle seen in the photograph. Excellent for smoothing the fresh concrete just poured on the pavement to be decorated.


The measurements of our rake for imprinted concrete is 50 cm.

Aluminum chisels for imprinted concrete

We have a wide variety of chisels for imprinted concrete with which to highlight the joints after the concrete hardens. Chisels that have been manufactured in aluminum alloy and that, therefore, are very resistant to blows.

They are tools for imprinted concrete whose functionality is to mark and repair the joints that have not been perfect and present irregularities. We offer up to four different types of chisels to treat the remaining undulations in the joints.


The aluminum chisels for imprinted concrete from Topciment have the following dimensions:

4 cm
10 cm
20 cm
30 cm

Texture Rollers for imprinted concrete

We have several texture rollers to perform and review lines and marks in imprinted concrete works. These lag rollers, as they are also called, can be used both on pavements and on facades or walls.

Types of texture rollers for imprinted concrete

Depending on the texture, we have several rollers for imprinted concrete work:

  • Curved texture roller 1/4
  • Flat texture roller 3/8
  • Sandy texture roller 3/8
  • Flat texture roller 3/16
  • Wedge texture roller 1/2
  • Flat texture roller 1/2
  • Sandy texture roller 1/2

Hook for imprinted concrete

The hook is a tool for applying imprinted concrete. An accessory that makes it possible to lift the mesh in the concrete slab. An easy-to-handle hook with a wooden handle.

Roller for imprinted concrete

Metallic llaguero to mark, fill or smooth the joints of imprinted concrete. In this way, the finish is much more regular and uniform.

A tool for imprinted concrete that allows doing said work with geometric shapes, so it does not lift the concrete. It does not include a handle.


Our imprinted concrete smoother is 24 cm.

Neoprene Pro Gloves for imprinted concrete

Neoprene gloves intended for work on construction sites, such as the case of imprinted concrete. Gloves that stand out for being very flexible, resistant to the handling of chemical products as well as high temperatures.

An accessory that guarantees the professional's protection in the application of imprinted concrete while maneuvering. With them, you can mix, pour, model and manipulate the stamped concrete with total safety.

Spiked Shoes for imprinted concrete

Highly recommended metal spike shoes for the application of self-leveling, continuous or multilayer floors. Thanks to the spikes on the soles, the support surface decreases and the professional can walk on the fresh pavement without leaving marks on it.

Likewise, these spiked shoes for imprinted concrete prevent the appearance of bubbles on the future industrial or decorative pavement. A compendium of benefits to which must be added the straps adjustable to the feet of the operators.


California 90 Trowel Kit for imprinted concrete

The California 90 Trowel kit is a tool kit for imprinted concrete that includes:

  • 1 unit of California Trowel (90 x 18 cm)
  • 1 unit of Rotating Orbitel Pro
  • 1 unit of Aluminum Handle

Trowel Kit for imprinted concrete

The Talocha kit is a tool kit for imprinted concrete that incorporates:

  • 1 unit of Magnesium Trowel
  • 1 unit of Pro Rotating Orbitel
  • 1 unit of Aluminum Handle

Rolled roulette for textured in imprinted concrete

Rolled roulette wheel to create different textures in applications of imprinted concrete. A roller that not only leaves a mark and completely closes the pores of the concrete, but also provides the pavement with a non-slip finish.

This roulette roller should be used just after the screeding and before the troweling of the imprinted concrete. A product that is used to depress the aggregate in the slab and bring the grease to the surface. The result is a more uniform support and a smoother finish.

Plastic polyethylene film for imprinted concrete

The polyethylene film is a highly useful complement for construction projects. Mainly, in those where concrete is used as a construction material. It is generally used to prevent chafing and cracks in the concrete.

Our polyethylene plastic film for imprinted concrete acts as a vapor or anti-humidity barrier. It prevents moisture from coming out of the slab due to capillarity of the ground and that part of the ground absorbs the water that the concrete kneading releases. In addition, our product has good mold resistance and stands out for its robustness and flexibility.

It is perfect for protecting floors and vertical surfaces of concrete from all types of contamination that can occur when applying a screed, wearing layer, release agents, resins, etc. Likewise, this polyethylene plastic film equally protects concrete coatings when thermal insulators are projected in a chamber.

A protection that extends to the placement of plaster plates or moldings, just as when painting floors or vertical surfaces. A plastic polyethylene film capable of preserving tiles and floors when we finish monolayer.


At Topciment we have polyethylene plastic films for imprinted concrete from 1 to 4 meters. As for their thickness, we have gauges of 200, 300 and 400.

Expanded polyethylene sheets for imprinted concrete

Within our wide range of accessories and complements for imprinted concrete, you can find expanded polyethylene sheets. High-quality products, non-crosslinked and with closed cells.

The application of expanded polyethylene sheets favors acoustic insulation, thus reducing the level of noise allowed in different construction works. A material that also serves as an insulation joint in horizontal walls and impact.

Expanded polyethylene sheets for imprinted concrete of minimal thickness and that not only serve as acoustic insulation, but also as thermal insulation in horizontal walls and impact. Highly flexible materials that guarantee a simple and comfortable application.

Our expanded polyethylene sheets are not only useful for insulation of imprinted concrete, but they are also highly recommended for ceramic pavements and wood, among other materials.


Metallic fibers for imprinted concrete are presented in 20 Kg paper bags.