Color hardeners for stamped concrete - Stonecem®

Stonecem® is our exclusive line of concrete color hardeners for interior and exterior use. High performance decorative mortars designed for the application of stamped concrete and vertical stamped concrete.

Products that provide textured finishes in the renovation not only of stamped concrete, but also on other materials such as natural stone and concrete. Color hardeners that guarantee high quality finishes, durability and easy maintenance.

They have a matte finish and a non-slip texture on pavements and façades where they are used as a decorative element. Thanks to their high resistance and hardness, these hardeners are ideal for pavements, bicycle and pedestrian lanes, car parks, sports areas, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, communal areas such as swimming pools, etc.

Concrete color hardeners that cannot be applied on surfaces previously painted with other systems such as plastic paints, epoxies, polyurethanes or varnishes. In the case of wanting to do so, the previous coating would have to be completely removed.

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Stonecem® Floor concrete color hardener

Stonecem® Floor is a concrete color hardener based on selected aggregates, portland cement and high performance additives. It is a very versatile product as it has a double function of use. On the one hand, it forms a decorative mortar for renovating stamped concrete coverings. On the other hand, it can be used as a hardener or wearing course in newly created stamped paving.

A color hardener that is highly breathable, fireproof and gives a non-slip finish to the floor or wall. Thanks to its resistance to weathering and UV radiation, it is suitable for outdoor use. It is suitable for areas with heavy traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian. It can also be applied on bicycle and pedestrian lanes, terraces, sports areas, car parks, hospitals or parks, among many other places.

A hardener with a mineral finish that is applied directly onto fresh concrete and is available in up to 24 colours. It also has excellent resistance to abrasion and is mouldable in more than 100 different finishes and textures thanks to our IMACEM® moulds.

Download the Stonecem® Floor technical sheet here

Technical characteristics of Stonecem® Floor concrete color hardener

icono ph
Density aparente

1,8 ± 0,2 g/cm³

Densidad aparente
Slip resistance


Abrasion resistance (UNE EN 12808-2)


icono dureza
Curing Total

7 days


The approximate yield of Stonecem® Floor color hardener is between 4 - 6 Kg/m².


Stonecem® Floor concrete color hardener is packaged in 25 kg containers.

Colors of the Stonecem® Floor concrete color hardener

The Stonecem® Floor concrete color hardener presents an eye-catching range of 24 colours: Noir, Anthracite, Slate, Cement, Ardois, Acier, Zinc, Pewter, Mocachino, Tabac, Olive, Toasted, Jaune, Cream, Pierre, Ton Pierre, White, Ivory, Earth, Harvest, Mapplewood, Walnut, Ruby and Sandstone.

This catalogue is the result of the use of pigments with high outdoor stability, highly resistant to the effects of UV light and rain. The finishes that are configured are aesthetic and durable, and can be extended according to the needs and preferences of each client.

Depending on the varnish used, the final colour takes on a more subdued or more pronounced tone. Textured and non-slip finishes. Perfect for the renovation of spaces. In the images on the left a water-based varnish (WT) has been used, in the images on the right a solvent-based varnish (DSV).

Color Noir
Color Noir DSV


color  Antracita
color Antracita


Color Pizarra
color  Pizarra


Color cemento WT
color  Cemento DSV


color  Ardois WT
color  Ardois


Color  Acier WT
color  Acier DSV


color Zinc WT
Color Zinc


color  Pewter
color  Pewter DSV


Color Nogal WT
color  Nogal DSV


Color Tabac
color Tabac DSV


color  Verde Oceano
color Oliva DSV


color  Tostado WT
Color Tostado DSV


Color Jaune WT
color  Jaune DSV


Color Crema WT
Color Crema DSV


color Pierre WT
Color  Pierre DSV


color   Ton Pierre
color  Ton Pierre

Ton Pierre

color Blanco WT
Color  Blanco DSV


color Mafil
color  Mafil DSV


Color  Tierra WT
Color  Tierra DSV


color  Mares WT
Color  Mares DSV


Color  Rubi WT
Color Rubi


Color Mapplewood_WT
color  Mapplewood


Color  Mocachino WT
Color  Mocachino DSV


color  Arenisca
Color Arenisca