UV and alkali resistant concrete pigments

The best decorative coatings require the best pigments. Colour is a transcendental factor in decorative flooring as it embellishes the final result. And even more so in stamped concrete floors, a continuous paving that imitates the texture and colour of other materials such as brick, stone and even wood.

A need to which Arcocem®, our complete range of concrete pigments to give a personal touch to any creation, provides an answer. Pigments with high colouring strength that can be used to produce a wide range of colours. With high hiding power, they provide an extraordinary and long-lasting finish.

Pigments that stand out for their high colour stability, being suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Excellent resistance to UV light, weathering and alkalis.

Our pigments are subjected to complex and strict quality controls.

Thanks to their excellent chemical stability, our pigments are able to remain unaltered in the most extreme environments. The colour is maintained without any loss of intensity thanks to their good thermal resistance.

Designed for professional colouring of mortars, terrazzo, plasters, microcement, prefabricated and plastering mortars. As well as concrete and stamped concrete. The intensity of the shade will depend on the amount of pigment used.

Other factors such as the granulometry of the aggregates, the ratio between water and cement, trowelling or porosity can also affect the colouring of the concrete or mortar.

Within Arcocem®, we have pigments for concrete in powder, water-based and solvent-based formats. Each subfamily has its own colour chart, ranging from more intense and vivid colours to more neutral and pastel shades.

Logo Arcocem® WT Basic

Water-based concrete pigments Arcocem® WT Basic

Arcocem® Basic is the name of the water-based pigments that can be used to achieve all the stamped concrete colours in the Topciment range. A ready-to-use product that does not require dilution and offers outstanding resistance to alkalis and sunlight.

A total of 13 pigment pastes in aqueous dispersion that can be applied in an infinite number of systems: concrete, stamped concrete, plasters, plaster, micro-cement, epoxy micro-cement, concrete repair mortars, etc. They are also pigments that are perfectly compatible with our Sealcem® varnishes.

Pigments for concrete that are stable outdoors and form the basis of the wide spectrum of colours that make up the Arcocem® Plus range. Pigment pastes that offer a wide range of application possibilities: handicrafts, crafts, enamels, paints, etc.

Download the Arcocem® WT Basic technical data sheet here

Characteristics water-based concrete pigments Arcocem® WT Basic

icono ph
Density (g/cm³)

2 ± 1

Densidad aparente
Viscosity (L3, 20 rpm)

5000 ± 3000 mPa•s

Compatible with aqueous systems
icono dureza
Alkali and sunlight resistant


The performance of Arcocem® WT Basic varies according to the colour of the dosage to be applied.


Arcocem® WT Basic pigments in aqueous dispersion are packaged in 0.5 and 1 litre containers.

Logo Arcocem® Fast

Arcocem Fast® concrete pigments in powder form

Arcocem® Fast are Topciment's concrete pigments in powder form. Inorganic pigments of fabulous performance incorporating special additives. Specially designed for the mass colouring of concrete and mortar, both in plant and on site.

Their formulation promotes pigment dispersion and, consequently, homogeneous and totally stable colourings. Their high resistance to sunlight and alkalinity make them the best ally for outdoor spaces.

Easy to incorporate powder pigments. A dosage system that avoids homogeneity errors in the final colouring. Moreover, they do not affect the final resistance of the coating in any way, nor do they alter the consistency and hardening conditions.

Terrazzo, prefabricated or plaster mortars are other materials that can be coloured thanks to Arcocem ®Fast pigments. These products limit the possible appearance of efflorescence in the future.

Download the Arcocem® Fast technical data sheet here

Technical characteristics of Arcocem® Fast powdered concrete pigments

icono ph
Density aparente

2,5 ± 1 g/cm³

Densidad aparente
High resistance to degradation by sunlight and alkalinity
Packaged in water-soluble PVA bags


The performance of Arcocem® Fast powder pigments is subject to the desired intensity and colour. Applied on concrete, it is 10 kg/m³ (2 bags).


Arcocem® Fast powder pigments are packaged in boxes with water-soluble bags of 5 kg each.

Logo Arcocem® WT Plus

Water-based concrete pigments Arcocem® WT Plus

Arcocem® WT Plus are our single-dose pigments for water-based concrete. Easily miscible pigment pastes that allow us to obtain the different Topciment® colour charts.

They are used to colour Stonecem® Texture stamped mortar, Covercem® Stone concrete repair mortar and Covercem® Monocrom and Covercem® Restaura mineral consolidating coatings.

Ready-to-use products that do not require dilution. Suitable for water-based systems and for colouring also our microcement systems. They guarantee high colour stability. Over time, they remain undamaged by light or ageing.

They are therefore suitable concrete pigments for outdoor use. They are highly resistant to the effects of sunlight and alkalis. Free of plasticisers, emulsifiers, solvents and ammonia.

aina Download the Arcocem® WT Plus technical data sheet here

Characteristics of Arcocem® WT Plus water-based concrete pigments

icono ph
Water-based and easily miscible
Densidad aparente
Compatible with concrete and microcement systems
Free of plasticisers, solvents, ammonia and emulsifiers
icono dureza
High colour stability outdoors


The performance of Arcocem® WT Plus water-based concrete pigments depends on the colour of the dosage.


Arcocem® WT Plus pigments are packaged in different sizes depending on colour and dosage.

Logo Arcocem® DSV Plus

Solvent-based concrete pigments Arcocem® DSV Plus

Arcocem® DSV Plus are our solvent-based concrete pigments. As with the water-based pigments, they have excellent colour stability both indoors and outdoors.

Easily miscible single-dose pigments. They are mainly used with our Sealcem® DSV solvent-based concrete coatings. They are used to obtain the 24 colours of the Stonecem® Floor stamped mortar range.

Concrete pigments that can also be applied on other solvent-based systems as well as on cementitious and mineral surfaces such as microcement. They are distinguished by their excellent UV resistance and are therefore perfectly suitable for outdoor applications. Free of plasticisers and emulsifiers.

Download the Arcocem® DSV Plus technical data sheet here

Characteristics of Arcocem® DSV Plus solvent-based concrete pigments

icono ph
Solvent-based and easily miscible
Densidad aparente
Compatible with concrete and other solvent-based systems
Free of plasticisers and emulsifiers
icono dureza
Suitable for outdoor application

High colour stability. Resistant to sunlight and alkalis.


The performance of Arcocem® DSV Plus solvent-based concrete pigments is subject to the colour of the dosage to be applied.


Single doses are available in various packaging sizes depending on the colour and dosage.